out there

In keeping with the promise of putting myself out there I am offering a basic meditation class. Below is a quick overview. It is quite the journey for me having the rubber meet the road like this. In asking ‘how may I serve’ I find the answers to be Inspiring. May the fine tuning of this work be of benefit to all who seek it and align with it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Meditating ‘out there’. It’s only natural.

Objective: To offer simple and practical methods in developing and practicing the arts of Meditation and Mindfulness.
What is Meditation? 
In my view, Meditation is not so much a ‘what’ but more so a ‘why’. Meditation can be defined in many terms – ancient, futuristic, mystical, religious, practical, or as I like to teach it, common-sensical. Meditation is as essential to a healthy life as eating, sleeping, and most importantly, Breathing. I teach the simplicity of focusing on the Breath. When we do so, we allow for not only the nutritive effects of oxygen to take hold of the cells of our bodies, we also cultivate a personal channel of Positive Energy, the effects of which are limitless. Meditation reduces stress and lowers blood pressure, enhances brain cognition, improves emotional health, relieves and helps to prevent a plethora of modern day maladies and concerns. No longer a ‘whoo whoo’ idea, modern science is proving the actual brain changes (neuroplasticity) that occur in people who meditate. It’s all good.
What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is becoming a new buzzword in our Americanized culture. In my experience, Mindfulness is a byproduct of Meditation. Mindfulness manifests in subtle ways and can be tough to describe but you know it when you feel it. You can’t fake Mindfulness and you cannot affirm it, command or teach it. You can only allow it, experience it and Be it. Mindfulness provides greater clarity. As mindfulness shows up, we begin to notice more, perhaps enhanced colors of nature, the pureness of the water in your glass, what might seem like out of the blue appreciation for a loved one or the catching yourself in an automatic verbal response. One who suffers from PTSD and lashes out unexpectedly, for instance, may find relief in developing Mindfulness. It can provide a type of coping mechanism, a pause or pattern-interrupt between the action/reaction of the moment. Mindfulness is often referred to as present moment awareness or being in the now. Mindfulness helps people get a handle on life in positive, healthy and loving ways. It’s only natural.
Brief Bio: At the age of 40, Patricia Lentz earned a Bachelor of Science with Emmanuel College in Boston, graduating with a GPA .01 less of Summa Cum Laude. She graduated from Pelham (NH) High School in December 1974 and was a member of the National Honor Society. She consciously chose her vocation of a stay-at-home mom while studying world religions and metaphysics. She has resided in and experienced several American cultural settings including Oklahoma City. A meditator most all of her life she realized a formal meditation practice in working with Dr. Wayne Dyer (RIP 8/30/15) in the 1980s & 90s, and more recently with Davidji (former Chopra Center COO, Lead Educator and first Dean of Chopra Center University – Davidji.com) and Stil Studio (Dedham, MA) and meditation teacher Andrew Kelly (Chopra Center Certified, theBostonBuddha.com). A fan of HayHouseRadio.com, Ms Lentz has connected first hand with several of its self-help and new-thought authors, teachers and coaches. In social media, Ms Lentz describes herself this way “a tree hugger and fringe dweller, a trail trekker and yogini, a meditator and closet academic - I am a teacher/student of Wellness."

crowded coincidence

I love the word coincidence. Whenever I hear it I know there is no such thing. My mind automatically substitutes the word co-incide for coincidence. That’s always how it goes, isn’t it? This week I had decided to explore some more local trails. I chose the Madame Sherri Forest.

When I go out for a trek I’m usually by myself in the wilderness, void of other human activity. Today, the forest seemed crowded. First I heard dog tags jingling behind me and saw a little dog that looked like a fawn. I know the owner was not far. After parting from the trail to explore a tranquil pond the couple caught up and broke the peace. I waited until they left and then heard more trail blazing toward the west. I was pretty sure it was human but decided to move on. On the way back I met a trail runner headed up the path going full bore. This was way too much traffic for me. Before leaving I decided to stop at the castle  to see what started all the fuss in the first place. It is quite magical. Though, when I planted myself for a quick meditative connection I could hear more humans off in the distance via an unmarked trail. Unbeknownst to me, a local rag that is tossed at the end of my driveway each week carried an article on that very forest. That must be why the woods seemed crowded today. What a coincidence! Chesterfield Conservation Commission: Madame Sherri Town Forest &emdash; madamezIt’s only natural.

Girls Unraveling

Cleaning my yoga mat this morning before I begin my practice I notice the girls wanting to free themselves and escape through the top of my garment. Interesting, is this what is meant by the old term ‘women’s lib’? I was listening to George Carlin on YouTube this morning. He was one of my favorites. A guy who really told it like it is and made people squirm in the process. I recently learned that some of his ashes are in the lake that is just a stone’s throw from my house. —With the girls unraveling I’m beginning to realize that there is wisdom behind them. What do I want younger women to know? Understand your tremendous Power! I’m just starting to grasp my own ability to Influence. I had once wrapped those girls tight at a time when they stood on their own. Bound into social submission, I was terrified to shine. Women who think with their heart are incredibly smart. That fourth Chakra center is opening with the girls unraveling. Our world is destined for Greatness. Meditate and let it in. It’s only natural.

a rant

I recently watched most of a political presidential debate. Why do I do that to myself? Try as I might to stay out of the swirl of the mindless ugly the collective weight can feel overpowering if I stay there too long. I find myself in jest, almost enjoying poking at the hive mind. What really gives me pause is the sheer mass of narrow and often bogus programming that pummels our culture today. I’ve always been aware that energy flows where attention goes. Maybe that’s why I rarely watch TV or listen to commercials. It can be quite unsettling observing a variety of manipulative strategies of being sold and marketed to. Maybe people feel they would be irresponsible if they didn’t saturate themselves with the negative news that breeds dis-ease and dis-comfort all day, every day. The constant bombardment of common media can be crushing and disturbingly influential. It seems most people conform and take for granted believing without question that that’s how life must be. We all live our own truth. I like choosing for myself. Meditation allows me to do so. It’s only natural.


It was the Perfect Exit
…that Scurvy Elephant
How Sweet the Bliss must be
He told us the story of Peace and Glory
Forever we all must Be
Oh Wayne, Dear Wayne, your physical-ness missed
Bring comfort to your loved ones
The millions touched by your pure Light
Reminding us – We Are One
Thank you, Wayne – more influential now
More than was a man
It is Great Fun
What you have done
Thanks for showing us
We Can