crowded coincidence

I love the word coincidence. Whenever I hear it I know there is no such thing. My mind automatically substitutes the word co-incide for coincidence. That’s always how it goes, isn’t it? This week I had decided to explore some more local trails. I chose the Madame Sherri Forest.

When I go out for a trek I’m usually by myself in the wilderness, void of other human activity. Today, the forest seemed crowded. First I heard dog tags jingling behind me and saw a little dog that looked like a fawn. I know the owner was not far. After parting from the trail to explore a tranquil pond the couple caught up and broke the peace. I waited until they left and then heard more trail blazing toward the west. I was pretty sure it was human but decided to move on. On the way back I met a trail runner headed up the path going full bore. This was way too much traffic for me. Before leaving I decided to stop at the castle  to see what started all the fuss in the first place. It is quite magical. Though, when I planted myself for a quick meditative connection I could hear more humans off in the distance via an unmarked trail. Unbeknownst to me, a local rag that is tossed at the end of my driveway each week carried an article on that very forest. That must be why the woods seemed crowded today. What a coincidence! Chesterfield Conservation Commission: Madame Sherri Town Forest &emdash; madamezIt’s only natural.

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