proof positive

You may wonder what type of closet theClosetAcademic is closeted in. It has nothing to do with sexuality but everything to do with sensuality – the condition of being pleasing, of fulfilling to the senses. Or, as Merriam-Webster defines it ‘implies gratification of the senses for the sake of aesthetic pleasure.’

The closet was that of timing and social acceptance to the experiences and validity of that which is beyond the five senses. Near death experiencers, psychic mediums, musicians and artists have all been carried into beyond description realms only to return changed and enhanced.

As a child, I often had out of body experiences. Growing up in those early times with this very natural and then unacknowledged sense was precarious indeed. Those of us who gave hints or voice to such things made us vulnerable to modeling the nearest straight jacket. Times have changed, thank GAHD! And though there is still hesitation, the journey cannot be denied.

Science is beginning to document the vibrations. We’re hearing more about quantum physics, string theory, meditation and a plethora of other, until now, unconventional topics. Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, was forced out of his academic career as a cellular biologist because he discovered that beliefs control human biology rather than DNA and inheritance. I recently listened to a very nerdy interview with Dr. John Demartini. If one needs the concreteness of science to accept the law of attraction, this is the guy for you. There are many learned individuals and organizations which support these ideas.

For me, I never needed science to justify what I know to be true. I know that physically, I don’t feel well if I habitually tune in to a CNN (constantly negative news) or any influence that feels off.  I’m quite content just bopping along and opening to happiness. Positive and negative vibration is a requirement for our human existence on this Earth plane. Much like trying to see a polar bear in a white-out blizzard, we need contrast in order to know how to focus.

Meditation is the number one tool to assist in our mindfulness, of our self-awareness, of our focusing ability. Meditation literally changes the physiology of the brain enabling a more self-controlled and positive direction. We begin to see the negative for what it is – a contrast, while positive continues to expand into more positive. Science is starting to catch up.

There is proof positive that in mindfulness we get to decide how low we will go and how long we will stay on that spectrum before we shift on the fulcrum into higher, better feeling existence. Collectively, it’s really up to every individual. Meditation is the means. It’s proof positive AND It’s only natural. 

holiday relief

Happy Holidays All!

Wow, what a ride it has been! And, what a relief to know that no matter what, we are always moving forward. We are perpetually pre-paving our now moments in this very moment. It kind of works like this… When we are in angst we are creating angst in the now. When we are in peace we are creating a much better feeling. Meditation helps us get a grip on the feeling of our now moment which perpetuates the next now feeling and the next and the next. Meditation help us to notice and interrupt the pattern, jumping the thought rut, which then offers us the feeling of calm and relief.

It’s only natural to feel down on occasion but when we meditate we notice it. When we notice we are no longer the slave to it. When we meditate our brain changes. We are able to redirect more and more easily the thoughts we are perpetuating. What a relief!

Do it! Do it! Do it! Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! Take 5 minutes to start, preferably first thing in the morning. Relax, close your eyes and breathe. Maybe listen to a ticking clock or the hum of a heat source. I like to zero in on the tone in my ears combined with the in and out of my natural breath. At first you may only be able to sustain the focus for a few seconds before the world creeps into your mind. When that happens, and it will – probably a lot at first – just bring your focus back to your drishti – your point of focus. Do it daily – not many times a day – just day after day after day. It gets easier and easier and our life changes for the better. You’ll see. It’s only natural.

still here

Greetings All

The Closet Academic lives! I write when Inspired, like right now. Pages of a book are rumbling around in the ether. New chapters of life are always emerging. Silently Meditating for just a few minutes every day, especially in the morning before life hits, keeps me tethered and effortlessly in control. Bring on the craziness. Everything is possible. Decide for yourself. Use your feelings and imagination to navigate. Choose to feel good or at least feel better. We only have NOW. Feel better now? Feel better later. That’s how it works. What is your end game? Too far? Reel it back. Meditate, float in your Energy. Slow the chatter. BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE

It’s only natural.

finest hours

To quote a line in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, “…Throughout our history America’s darkest days have always been followed by its finest hours.” I’ve had it pretty good lately. Especially for someone who, a few months ago, stopped practicing what she preached. Things felt a little rocky. I started reminding myself to just breathe baby breathe even if only for a few minutes. The rest of the time I’m trying to be mindful and appreciate the heck out of things. When I picked up the stick again, seemed in an instant everything changed, reshaped and improved upon the improvements! It never ends!

Meditation, silent meditation particularly, automatically creates mindfulness. If you are reading this you likely have some kind of meditation practice going. I find that adding a silent practice, with consecutive minutes of focusing on the breath, gives us exponential benefit. Our brains literally morph, changing shape enabling a happy life experience. When I’m in the pits I can be mindful of it. The finest hours are at hand. With a few minutes of focusing on the breath, bingbangboom I’m in a better feeling place!

I’ve noticed it’s as though we create a reservoir of sorts that holds limitless energy and wellness to flow easily through life. Even when we’re in a meditation dry spell we can pull from the reservoir. I am amazed at how naturally endurance and resilience and unencumbered fortitude is at our fingertips. Moving forward, we are now in our finest hours. Meditate and make the most of it. It’s only natural.

global orgy

COVID19 is like a GIANT STD and the human population is in the pandemic throws of a global orgy, especially here in the good old USA. We may as well make the best of it and meditate. Meditation is the name of the Wellness game. Just a few short minutes of meditation every day changes everything.

There is no bigger virus than that of fear. When we quiet down for those few short minutes and we focus on our breathing, our well-being activates. Our brains literally change and our immune systems strengthen and anxiety diminishes.

The realization of effective global silence has manifested in unique and wonderful ways. For example, the Himalayas were seen from parts of India for the first time in 30 years after pollution dropped due to the lockdown. And seismologists observed that the Earth is literally vibrating less than when we were in our normal mindless fever pitch lives.

Imagine. If we can collectively quiet and calm the Earth then we can, as individuals quiet calm our Self. We will come out of this. In the end Nature will win. Keep with nature and meditate. It’s only natural.

mission recall

The Closet Academic

Preparing to write, I lightly pondered the current state of affairs. Like most, I immediately went to the dark side. Thankfully, mindfulness quickly took over and I snapped out of it! We perpetuate what we focus upon and I want to perpetuate feeling good and having fun.
I’m reminded of the essence of TCA’s mission:
“Start telling a better-feeling story about the things that are important to you.”
United States of America – that’s important to me. For starters, it is so beautiful …and BIG! And with the recent spring equinox, feeling the shift of the season is imminent. The wildlife is important to me and exceptionally wild this time of year.  The creatures are getting randy and the frolicking birds are everywhere! I am awestruck at their color and variety and sounds and songs.
Did you know that raccoons scream during their mating rituals? They scream like a human…

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mind fiber

The Closet Academic

We all know the process. Look for and identify your negatives, make amends and then move on. What typically happens though is we forget to move on. Once those self admonitions are pinpointed we tend to bring them up over and over again. They become excuses. We rarely let ourselves off the hook and usually stay in that disconcerting feeling of unworthiness. It is quite common. Even the 12 steps, as well meaning as they are, keeps one in the swirl of self-deprecation. We are well trained into believing that this is life and without the constant recognition of our pitfalls we are doomed to repeat them. Unfortunately, that mind game constipates our thinking and literally makes us sick. It’s time to recognize your worthiness.

Incorporating a good quality source of fiber into our diets really moves things along, doesn’t it. We are relieved and feel much better as we…

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weightless power

Power – We all have it. Our power is our energy and energy flows where attention goes – every time. How do we know where and how we are using our power? We know by how we are feeling. Feeling good IS weightless.   Ah, the freedom to recognize and feel. Paying attention to the delightful is more delightful. It is all what we make of it. Appreciation Appreciation Appreciation – more than thankful, more than grateful, more than blessed – It is organic. The choice is up to you.
How do I take my power back, you ask? Initially, you must notice where your power is going. Handing over your power feels heavy. How do you feel when watching the news or politics? Is there another you credit for creating angst in your life? Is your 401K or Social Security an issue? Are you constantly fatigued and dreading conclusions made on test results? Are you trained in taking action or ‘doing’ in order to take control? How is that working for you?
In order to power up we must plug in and let ourselves be weightless. Meditation is how we do that. Meditation is different from prayer. In prayer our minds are busy, busy, busy. In prayer we are doing; often asking, being grateful for overcoming an obstacle or silently chanting prescribed words. In meditation we are quieting and being. You may say, my mind is too busy to quiet or I don’t have time enough. That is never true. If you have the where-with-all to sit comfortably and breathe, for just 60 seconds, then you can meditate. Even human ‘doings’ can do that!
Meditation and mindfulness courses are now becoming profit centers. Be picky and know that you need not subscribe to any particular program to reap the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. Give yourself the credit to be able to cultivate and maintain your weightless power. Start slowly and day by day add another minute and another and another. There is no quantum leaping. With a silent meditation practice the mindfulness will automatically kick in. We can vacuum the house all day long but until we plug in to the energy it is all for naught. You will be amazed at the control you gain within your weightless power. It’s only natural.



the science

The Closet Academic

Welcome back! Taking a long and sporadic hiatus during the summer months much is knocking at the mind’s door anxiously awaiting to be expressed. We’ll start this new academic season with science. More and more documentation exists proving out the benefits that a gentle, silent meditation practice can offer. My associate, Andy Kelly,, is among the first guinea pigs for this type of research. Having all kinds of electrodes attached wired monk to his head while he meditated, science now can definitively declare that meditation is good for us; and not only that, meditation leads to mindfulness and mindfulness is what makes the world go ‘round in very pleasing and positive ways! (2)We’ve come a long way since relying on our philosophers and holy types for this valuable information. I find it odd that often, people need published, peer reviewed results before they will take the time to breathe for…

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