country turkey

‘She’s baaack!’ Not sure where I first heard that expression. Possibly from early SNL or a wide grinned Jack Nicholson. The vision of my brother saying it comes to mind, along with him making a clawing motion with his hand pointing in my direction and calling it an ugly finder that is working. TCA is definitely not in Kansas anymore. We are living in the country now. Day one included a chameleon type toad sitting next to me on the deck.005 First thing in the morning on day two an adult turkey and her four chicks were feeding in the backyard. Day three, the turkeys were back in force with at least five adults and more than fifteen chicks. Turkeys are funny. They are so big yet they can fly and perch in the trees. Listening to their language reminds me of an old lady babysitter I had as a child. They chant ‘squawk quack squeak’ in direction to the tastiest morsels in the tall grass.

turkeys in the vortex

It is magical here. I can feel the difference that meditation provides in clearing the path and allowing for smooth transitions. No longer a country girl living in the city, I am home, in the country. It’s only natural.

meditation pinball

Greetings Readers,

TCA is currently relocating to the countryside and will be temporarily electronically inactive. Energetically speaking it feels as though we are pinging around like the pinball in a vintage pinball machine. Contrary to the normal helter-skelter randomness of an active pinball though, this move is the smoothest ever and I’ll bet you can guess why. MEDITATION! The opportunities, the vision and the clarity of every logistical detail seems to be taking care of itself. The ease with which the particulars are transpiring tend toward effortless. New doors are opening with many adventures to be had. It is just amazing what focused breathing/meditating for a few minutes every day does for personal Well-being. Please stay tuned and watch for our return in a couple of weeks. Appreciation abounds!! It’s only natural.

I Am, the Closet Academic