meditation pinball

Greetings Readers,

TCA is currently relocating to the countryside and will be temporarily electronically inactive. Energetically speaking it feels as though we are pinging around like the pinball in a vintage pinball machine. Contrary to the normal helter-skelter randomness of an active pinball though, this move is the smoothest ever and I’ll bet you can guess why. MEDITATION! The opportunities, the vision and the clarity of every logistical detail seems to be taking care of itself. The ease with which the particulars are transpiring tend toward effortless. New doors are opening with many adventures to be had. It is just amazing what focused breathing/meditating for a few minutes every day does for personal Well-being. Please stay tuned and watch for our return in a couple of weeks. Appreciation abounds!! It’s only natural.

I Am, the Closet Academic

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