Happy Birthday!

Dear Friends,
Appreciation abounds as theClosetAcademic celebrates its first birthday. Another year of expansion in my own life, I am happy to report that it is all good – no, it is GREAT! Changes they are a’happenin’ so hang on to your hats. This is a very exciting time in our world and a very exciting time to be alive!
TCA is on the move this summer, literally. Though I had hoped to introduce a total revamp of theClosetAcademic today –  well, you know how it goes sometimes. Often, when things go our way we can find ourselves saying ‘Thank You. I’ll take over from here.’ and you know what happens then.
If there is one thing I have learned over this past year it is that MEDITATION IS the name of the game! Keeping an active MEDITATION practice has enabled many many positive shifts and has  helped me to extract myself from so much muck I cannot begin to tell you… well, to tell you now anyway. Breathing In Breathing Out Breathing In Breathing Out Breathing In Breathing Out – Aummm… Thank you ALL and please stay tuned. And remember to MEDITATE MEDITATE MEDITATE for a few minutes every day. It’s only natural.
With Profound LOVE,
I Am, the Closet Academic

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