Charleston twistedsphere

or ‘Thank you, Jon Stewart’
“It’s my duty to say what’s right.” Malala

The gig is up. No more jokes. Another mutation, only 24 years old. We are currently experiencing the collective consequence of the age of acquisition. The effects of a propagation of big pharma and big insurance are just a scratch on the surface of human corruption. We are collateral damage for promotional moneyed interests and imposing belief systems gone rogue. They have commanded long-term influence and dumbed-down the masses. With duty to the shareholders, overall sickness has been justifiably promoted and our sense of self manipulated. The cancer rate is now 1 in 2 over 1 in 3 just ten years ago. Problem is we are so drug addicted and paralyzed by fear that it seems we have relinquished control of our lives to those very systems we were once free to change. As a young person during the 60s and 70s, atrocities gripped us then as they do today. With JFK and Bobby, MLK and Vietnam, it is all horrible. The youth of the era started demonstrating and forced the establishment’s hand. As young people we vibed-out and had sit ins. You could find us singing and sharing flowers and loving one another while draft dodging and getting high in the attempt to escape the twisted influence of big brother. We the people harked in a Call to Peaceful Action. It seemed the powers that be had finally started to understand the concept of embracing one another. Peace Accords and (earlier) the United Nations came into being and held clout. Community and regional churches began to reach out. One small step for mankind, they let down their hair a bit. I was a young teen when, by invitation, our Protestant youth group attended a Catholic Mass. It was in Latin. The churches were never the same after that and communities became much richer within this whole idea of being One. We even elected a President who put solar panels on the White House. The bulk of that youth are now our decrepit baby boomers who unknowingly acquiesced their personal power, health and self-control to those very influences that they had protested back then. Our biology is poisoned and environmental programming manipulated, now chemically hazed even before exiting the womb, we have been silenced. We have been sold. And, we continue to be sold, over and over and over again. What are the remedies today?  Through Mindfulness our Millennials and the new Gen Z are being equipped to implement viable answers. We have recently crossed a threshold of Big Data and Epigenetics. We the people are really on to something with all the interest in Yoga and Meditation. Government follows the people’s lead. It’s not the other way around. We evolved then and with Meditation we will continue to evolve, and this time we’ll do so mindfully. It is time we enhance our collective perspectives. Meditation makes that possible. It’s only natural.

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