Greetings All! This blog is now officially under re-construction. There may be fewer posts in the coming month as we approach a relaunch in latter June. Breathing and Meditating every single day is a real game changer.  I am blossoming and blooming just as Davidji promised I would when we spoke on two years ago.  Thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer in helping to inspire joyful focus and gleeful momentum and to ‘write it’. Thank you All  for sticking with me and reading and please – STAY TUNED!

I had the BEST day yesterday. It’s fun to have fun! With an overcast sky and map in hand, I entered the forest by way of the unbeaten path. Slightly turned around I was quickly guided back on track. My estimated two hour trek turned out to be a 4 hour trek.011009 It was wonderful! Being a nature ‘photographer’ using a cell phone camera, these images may give you a glimpse of some of Mother Nature’s handiwork as she readies for the explosion of flora and fauna imminently due to perpetuate in the temperate days ahead.024Meditating and Communing in the woods is often a solitary act. I had recently been contemplating the Exponential Nurturing Power experienced after meditating in and with the company of others. How profound it is as each and every visit with Mother Nature returns deeper and deeper Insight – wow!  We’re never alone in Nature where mindfulness is inevitable. Appreciation abounds. It’s only natural.031

home run

IIIIIIt’s Blog Time!!!

Oh my Oh my Oh my

The ride really IS Exhilarating!

Thank You Thank You Thank You

I’m getting a feel for the Lift

Ohhhhhhm – such a Gift

You know what they say

‘when a friend wants to learn to drive, don’t stand in the way’

b r e a t h i n g & m e d i t a t i n g & m i n d f u l n e s s

                                                        IS WHERE IT’S AT!

L o v I n g J o y f u l L I f e = K n o w I n g that…      L o v I n g J o y f u l L I f e = K n o w I n g that…..      L o v I n g  J o y f u l  L I f e  =  K n o w I n g  that……….

….We’re Always Up At Bat! – GO SOX !!!

“write it”

Excerpts from a universal conversation – January 12, 2015, 4:00PM EasternUSA, – “Hello everybody. Welcome to today’s show I Can See Clearly Now with Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’m Diane Ray and we’re just opening up the phone lines…”

DR – “Are you ready for calls?”

WD – “I think I am!”

DR – “I don’t know if you remember last week…”

WD – “I do…”

DR – “You didn’t even know what I was going to say!”

WD – “I do. The levitation story on Johnny Carson… ”

DR – “Well, let’s go right to Patty and bring her up from New Hampshire to chat about that. I’ve been anxious to hear about this story so I’m glad she could get through. Patty, welcome to the show. You’re on with Dr. Dyer.”

ME – “Thanks, Diane. Hi Wayne.”

WD – “Hi Patty, thanks for calling back. I appreciate it dear.”

ME – “Well, I remember that story. If memory serves, you were fairly new to meditation and you actually levitated – on one of your visits on Johnny Carson he asked you to go ahead and do it and of course, it didn’t work. And, that story stuck with me forever. And, I’m wondering, how can we maintain the integrity of something while giving it voice – for instance, I’ve always maintained control of my own health. It’s been well over 30 years since I’ve been to a traditional medical doctor and I’m in perfect health. And, when I heard you talking about healing your leukemia and your neck and things like that I thought ‘well, maybe it is okay to share this stuff’. Sometimes I’m concerned about creating a firestorm (like)‘Oh my gosh! You can’t do that!’ so that brought me back to levitating with Johnny Carson.”

WD – “…I remember Michelangelo’s famous line – because I was being criticized for offering people hope to cure themselves from diseases or to overcoming very difficult circumstances or to deal with a diagnosis of a terminal illness or some…. And people would criticize me for giving people hope when they shouldn’t have hope and Michelangelo had a wonderful response ‘the greater danger is not that our hopes are too high and we fail to reach them – it is that they are too low and we do.’ …

…and – this whole idea that we have within us – this capacity to – communicate telepathically, to heal ourselves, to create heat in a cold place through our consciousness – to teleport ourselves, to go from one place to the other – it’s the only place we’re ever going to be able to discover what this magnificent universe is about…

… I used to study levitation because I saw a picture of – I was at Deepak Chopra’s home many years ago and he has a picture of Michael Jackson…

…I saw a picture of him actually levitating. And, I also saw one of Deepak doing it.

…I had studied the Sutras of Patanjali…

…it’s like this intense, internal reprogramming of your subconscious mind. You get to a point where you are so light that you ARE Light. And that-light in both sense, light as the opposite of darkness and light as the opposite of heavy – so you begin to realize who you are is not this body that you are in – and you can do so many things with your body…

…and the mind can really direct anything that we want this body to do – and the capacity to elevate it. So, I worked on that, I worked on that, I worked on that …‘The Yogi Graces’. Have you seen this Diane? It’s a… They would put these hurdles (do you know what a hurdle is that they put on a track at a track meet?)”

DR – “Sure!”

WD – “So they have these hurdles and…

…these Yogis, and they would sit in a yoga position with their legs crossed and their arms lifted up – so they’re sitting and they would go into this state then they would start moving…

…they would literally lift themselves over the hurdle by about a foot high…

…I’ve never forgotten that video.

…So I watched them and said ‘well, if they can do that, I can do that.’ It’s like the same Intelligence that is in them is in me and I can do anything.

…And, one time in my meditation I was able to lift myself up. And, I had told Johnny Carson about this.

… I was on the Tonight Show about 37 different times back there in the 70s and early 80s and he suggested I do that myself – and I lifted myself up – and the minute that you inject the ego…

… it’s like doing something to impress other people, doing something to make yourself better than other people…

…and the minute you start introducing doubt or even surrounding someone with doubt the ability to do that….

…And, I found myself, lifting myself off of the ground (I don’t know) maybe a half inch – because I was in a very very deep meditative state – and I felt my body actually lift up. And I remember then having this amazing thought go through my head ‘I could do this on the Tonight Show!’ And, the minute that I had that thought…”

ME – “boom”

WD – “…that I could do this on the Tonight Show – I went down and was never, ever, ever able to do it again- because I had interjected the ego in there and I was going to do it to impress other people and to bring attention to myself and – who knows, all of the things that the ego is interested in.

…So that’s – when I was telling Johnny about it and he asked me to do it there and I just… it was not possible. And that’s why so many of these great spiritual masters will never go out and do things on command to prove to other people that … I watched Amma. Do you know who Amma is, Diane?  ”

DR – “The hugging Saint.”

WD – “The hugging Saint. I have a picture of myself with her…Amma’s Miracle – and she actually was able to manifest milk from water – she was just able to create it…

…so the minute that you interject the ego you lose these phenomenal abilities that we all have – to be able to manifest, to heal, to breathe – to be able to (create), what we would now call miracles, we all have these capacities. How’s that Patty, do you remember that?”

ME – “I do! I do! – Now… If I share my experiences… Miraculous things have really come about in my life – including a totally painless childbirth – at home. Giving voice to that – through a book – that would… Is that interjecting my ego? Or, would I be creating a firestorm?”

WD – “Why would you do it?”

ME – “The writer in me just sparked up and I thought ‘oh, this is interesting’. I’m apprehensive about it so I know I should probably hold off.”

WD – “The apprehension is what you have to look at. Because the apprehension is ‘if I’m doing it for the wrong reason (you’re using the word firestorm) are negative things going to happen, and so on… My telling the story that I just told – so many of the stories that I’ve used – in my speaking and writing – if they’re motivated by the desire to make other people think that I’m better than they are or that ‘look how wonderful I am’ and drawing attention to yourself – that’s a very different thing and it will bring a very different kind of thing (what you call a firestorm) than if your motivation is to help people to realize how powerful they are! And that…”

ME – “Yes, and that they can do it too!”

WD – “Yes! That if it’s in you then… You know, my wife has a wonderful story…

…of her first birth with our son Shane. It was just a miraculous story of… she was very young and she was in labor and she was afraid and… this wonderful nurse was there and she put her hand on her and she had orange-ish hair and she had a blue dress. (Those aren’t the exact facts.)

…she described this person, and this person soothed her through the whole process … ‘it’s all going to be fine and I’m here for you and I’m going to stay with you for the entire birth process…’ – …The next day she was still in the hospital and… – …she wanted to know who the nurse was… – …she asked the other nurses, and all the other nurses said ‘there is no one like that who works here – …we don’t have anyone like that here. ’ Do you know how many times that story – not just her story – but do you know how many times women have very similar stories to that, that when they were in a place and somehow, someone showed up and then you can’t explain them. It’s like this angel or this ghost just appeared. …tell us about your story. I would love to hear that!”

ME – “Oh, mine!?!”

WD – “Yes! – Your painless childbirth story.”

ME – “Yes, well, I had all three of my kids at home – with a midwife in attendance – and I was just so in Zen – that… my preparation for it – was really a meditation. And, every time I would breathe I would always picture nourishing the child within – literally. And, 7 hours from start to finish and it was just so easy. – The second one was four hours but I had a little more discomfort and I’m thinking that’s because of the ‘disturbance in the force’ from all my family and peers for having the first one at home in the first place. The fear, the ego/fear started creeping in a little bit and then by the third time, it was like two hours, and much much more physically intense. But, the labors were just very very fast. So…

WD – “Did you feel, Patty, as though – that you could access guidance or assistance or help of some kind – you know, whether it spiritual or metaphysical or whatever it might be – that you weren’t alone in this process – Did that ever occur to you when you were going through that?”

ME – “…– not really – because – I’ve always known – that I was… – the Spirit…”

WD – “…that is within…”

ME – “When I was quite young, I was 9 years old when I was kidnapped, and, you know… long story short – and, I was out of my body then – and when I was twelve… (I learned) to put the perpetrator in my mind’s eye and encircle him with all the fear and the anger I had – and ultimately, it transformed into forgiveness – so, pretty much since then, I’ve always known I’m not my body… – you know – …I’ve always known….”

WD – “ Yes, I think you… If you’re asking my advice, Patty, I say write it. Tell your story. –You know, a woman’s wisdom… you’ve got something very profound and you were given this insight – that all of us… – …the essence of it is – each one of us – all of us have – and what I think is the most important thing is – …the intriguing thing for me is people that have this extraordinary power – that’s what motivated Michael Jackson to pick up the phone and call me one day out of nowhere and ask me about something called Real Magic, is there Real Magic – is there such a thing – I want to know about it… – …we all have this capacity within us – these capacities that we never even dreamed were possible for us – because we’re all Light – we’re all Light…

…anyway… I loved talking to you Patty and I would love to meet you. Come to New York.”

ME/TCA w/Dr. Dyer Rhinebeck, NY

circa 1998 ME/TCA w/Dr. Dyer
Rhinebeck, NY

outside play

In this week’s episode of theClosetAcademic, we find TCA frolicking among the New Hampshire woodlands. Imagine, a fully grown and what some might call response-able adult, outside playing on a weekday! The sun is shining brightly and the air is warm with swirling gusts of wind requiring a mild bundling. The seasonal permafrost has successfully heaved itself from the ground and the birds are all a-twitter. Ah, springtime in New England. After a heavy winter like we’ve had, how can one resist?

If you follow this blog at all you well know that today’s story will swing around to meditation. Thank you, thank you, thank you – Who knows where I would be and what I would be doing were it not for this most valuable and readily access-able Human Resource – meditation. I went there once. Actually, more than once. It was like wedging your foot into a boot that is two sizes too small. You might manage it. Why would you want to? Oh, I remember now. I thought applying a Human Resource was connected to the corporate world. Funny how we can get so turned around.

My mother told me, on many occasions, to ‘go outside and play’. So, I did. And, I have yet to come back in. I love outside play and communing with Nature and I love to meditate and reap the benefits of mindfulness. It is tough to have one without the other. What a beautiful combination, this outside play is. We often hear that the key to success is to ‘do what you love and love what you do’. In my world, outside play paves the way. It’s only natural.muddyShoes

taking shape

Thank you, thank you, thank you All, for your interest in TheClosetAcademic. We are now nine months in the making and a specific direction appears to be taking shape. TCA has now outgrown the closet! Like Eating and Breathing, Mindfulness through Meditation is the name of the game. Please watch for a makeover on in time for our first year anniversary this June.

Our world is indeed experiencing a paradigm shift. Our innate abilities are awakening as we evolve into the power of our minds and hearts. We are understanding that Well-being is our natural state. As we take the time for self appreciation and breath awareness we have much more to offer the world. The past is gone and the future is very bright. It is a wonderful time to be alive!

Come, join the show and feel the glow. Turn off the app and take a nap. Take a run and have some fun. Focus your breath before your death. Please stay tuned as we continue to evolve and share and transform into the deliciousness that is our life, in this present moment. And remember, keep on b r e a t h i n g and meditate for a few minutes every single day. It’s only natural.

platypus feet

I love that word – platypus platypus platypus. It’s fun to say. It’s fun to feel. I am still a novice on the Yoga scene here in the USA. I’ve recently gravitated to a local yoga studio at my new digs. They offer several gentle yoga classes. I love the gentle yoga in that I find more breath introspection over the traditional breath exertion aspect. Being gentle with one’s self is an art unto itself. Yoga fits so well with my tree hugger, holistic Earthy crunchy (and what used to be) esoteric way of life.

I am in awe of Yoga’s relational Power on so many levels. I find that the terminology varies for different postures, or Asanas, among different studios and among the different arts or disciplines as in Baguazhang (baug-wha-zshan) or qigong. Through my naïve Americanized translations, it all boils down to the same thing. We are, all of us, Energy.

EarthDay gallery

EarthDay gallery

I love pictures of Earth. The translucent hazy layer that surrounds our world intrigues me. The words electro-magnetic field comes to mind as I contemplate its misty vastness. I feel a connection to it as I ground with Earth during practice. One particular pose really plugs me in to this revered connection. I call it platypus feet.

With the knowledge that the body, too, has an electro-magnetic field, it was not that long ago when, due to an unexpected jolt, I would close my eyes and notice myself sitting off to my right. Maybe that’s where the phrase ‘she was beside herself’ came from. Yoga and meditation have been instrumental in my getting centered and coming back into myself, literally. I really appreciate platypus feet for the profound centering affect it offers. I could stand there swaying with Earth Energy all day!

Posing in my platypus feet, I am naturally standing straight with my feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. My tailbone is grounded, gently reaching toward the earth. The belly button is naturally connecting with the spine, my shoulders are relaxed down my back which easily opens my heart and my chin is level with the ground. The top of my head gently reaches toward the heavens. The feet connect through the heels, near the ball of the foot and across toward the pinky toe. Ever so easy, ever so relaxed, breathing through the body, breathing through the feet, I begin to feel the whole bottoms of my feet connect with my mat. Breathing, breathing, breathing connecting to Earth, through the body up through to Space and back again; allowing the arms and hands to naturally float or levitate up near the heart with palms down – just relaxing and breathing, relaxing and breathing. Next thing I know my feet are so connected that they almost feel webbed; Hence the term, platypus feet.

I am so loving being here on our precious Earth, this time around. It is just amazing what b r e a t h i n g and meditating for a few minutes every day can do for quality of life. B r e a t h i n g changes everything. Taking just a few minutes every day to focus on your b r e a t h  in meditation – give it a whirl. You may find you can’t live without it. It’s only natural.