Greetings All! This blog is now officially under re-construction. There may be fewer posts in the coming month as we approach a relaunch in latter June. Breathing and Meditating every single day is a real game changer.  I am blossoming and blooming just as Davidji promised I would when we spoke on two years ago.  Thanks to Dr. Wayne Dyer in helping to inspire joyful focus and gleeful momentum and to ‘write it’. Thank you All  for sticking with me and reading and please – STAY TUNED!

I had the BEST day yesterday. It’s fun to have fun! With an overcast sky and map in hand, I entered the forest by way of the unbeaten path. Slightly turned around I was quickly guided back on track. My estimated two hour trek turned out to be a 4 hour trek.011009 It was wonderful! Being a nature ‘photographer’ using a cell phone camera, these images may give you a glimpse of some of Mother Nature’s handiwork as she readies for the explosion of flora and fauna imminently due to perpetuate in the temperate days ahead.024Meditating and Communing in the woods is often a solitary act. I had recently been contemplating the Exponential Nurturing Power experienced after meditating in and with the company of others. How profound it is as each and every visit with Mother Nature returns deeper and deeper Insight – wow!  We’re never alone in Nature where mindfulness is inevitable. Appreciation abounds. It’s only natural.031

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