it’s free

I’ve always been a meditator. Though it is through the conscious, deliberate and daily practice over the last two years that has really swung open the doors of my life; and I’m just getting started! We often hear that the best things in life are free. Right now, the 2015 HayHouseWorldSummit is underway and it’s free for everyone. I have been acquainted and have studied with several of Hay House’s authors and teachers, some from their earliest days over thirty years ago. Many of it’s voices are new to my realm. Listening and participating in the work of Louise Hay and the Hay House crew is a major validation for me. I feel my Essence relax in the messages that are celebrated. It really brings home the fact that I am not alone.

To say that a daily meditation practice is like a daily breathing practice is an understatement. As our mass consciousness evolves we are really starting to pick up momentum in this idea that we get what we think about and that we have absolute control over where we wish to go within our own minds. When we pray we ask. When we meditate we open for the affirmative answer. Meditation keeps us on the rails. It grounds us and flows us in ease. Like enjoying a nice meal, we need do it only a few minutes a day to nourish ourselves. In meditating we invite quality of life to flow through us. As our dear Davidji advises, RisePeeMeditate. Take the time to sit quietly, get comfy and focus on our breathing for a few minutes at the start of each new day. Meditation is a real game changer and it’s free! It’s only natural.

1 thought on “it’s free

  1. Inspiring….Glad it is working for you…have tried in the past, and now on mind to maybe meditate again soon…….

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