outside play

In this week’s episode of theClosetAcademic, we find TCA frolicking among the New Hampshire woodlands. Imagine, a fully grown and what some might call response-able adult, outside playing on a weekday! The sun is shining brightly and the air is warm with swirling gusts of wind requiring a mild bundling. The seasonal permafrost has successfully heaved itself from the ground and the birds are all a-twitter. Ah, springtime in New England. After a heavy winter like we’ve had, how can one resist?

If you follow this blog at all you well know that today’s story will swing around to meditation. Thank you, thank you, thank you – Who knows where I would be and what I would be doing were it not for this most valuable and readily access-able Human Resource – meditation. I went there once. Actually, more than once. It was like wedging your foot into a boot that is two sizes too small. You might manage it. Why would you want to? Oh, I remember now. I thought applying a Human Resource was connected to the corporate world. Funny how we can get so turned around.

My mother told me, on many occasions, to ‘go outside and play’. So, I did. And, I have yet to come back in. I love outside play and communing with Nature and I love to meditate and reap the benefits of mindfulness. It is tough to have one without the other. What a beautiful combination, this outside play is. We often hear that the key to success is to ‘do what you love and love what you do’. In my world, outside play paves the way. It’s only natural.muddyShoes

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