taking shape

Thank you, thank you, thank you All, for your interest in TheClosetAcademic. We are now nine months in the making and a specific direction appears to be taking shape. TCA has now outgrown the closet! Like Eating and Breathing, Mindfulness through Meditation is the name of the game. Please watch for a makeover on TheClosetAcademic.com in time for our first year anniversary this June.

Our world is indeed experiencing a paradigm shift. Our innate abilities are awakening as we evolve into the power of our minds and hearts. We are understanding that Well-being is our natural state. As we take the time for self appreciation and breath awareness we have much more to offer the world. The past is gone and the future is very bright. It is a wonderful time to be alive!

Come, join the show and feel the glow. Turn off the app and take a nap. Take a run and have some fun. Focus your breath before your death. Please stay tuned as we continue to evolve and share and transform into the deliciousness that is our life, in this present moment. And remember, keep on b r e a t h i n g and meditate for a few minutes every single day. It’s only natural.

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