The Call

written two years ago…

January 14, 2014 at 2:22am

I’ve been flying pretty high these days, bopping along, feeling good. Enjoying the gifts of meditating and yoga, becoming lighter, almost like the lightness one feels with a great endorphin rush. At times my body vibrates. Come on, I know I’m not alone in this.

Recently, I’ve been playing with my energy focusing a bit more on energy centers, similar to a nourishing mental body scan. Needless to say I love the ride. It is exciting to slide into that Space.

Imagine my thrill when, with the sun shining after a ten day cloud cover and the air thirty degrees warmer, I take a drive. Basking in the beauty around me I reach a summit at 1450 feet. All of a sudden a strong and pleasantly palpable surge runs thru me near the root chakra, the center toosh region. “Wow” I thought. “What a powerful connection!” I was in awe! Then I realized. I was sitting on my vibrating (rotary) cell phone. I Am on the leading edge, though technology is another subject. I laughed the entire descent.

Doors open when we feel good. I stayed present with that awesome feeling for as long as I could. Later that day I found $20, more laughter, more appreciation. If that’s what it takes to get my attention, I’m on board. Life is good!

orange juice

1/2 inch cellcam capture

1/2 inch cellcam capture

Meditating a few minutes every day lets life flow easily and naturally and never lets me down. It’s a form of mindfulness, living from the heart moment by moment. There are gaps between consistent postings on In the ‘real world’ that may disqualify me from being considered a viable investment or making the grade. The weather has been so beautiful lately that I can’t seem to bring myself indoors to get writing. When I do (almost) force myself to sit down, my hip starts acting up as if to say ‘Oh ya? So you think you are going to drive this ship of inspiration do you? Well, I’ll show you!’ I love these little reminders to allow myself to be in the moment and only do those things that feel right and kind and good for me. If that means playing in the forest for a few hours while deadlines loom then that’s what I’m going to do. Things always seem to work out better that way and all those (often self-imposed) demands inevitably find their way in getting met. And, the best part is, if things don’t pan out because of the honoring of myself then something even better manifests and is of even greater advantage for all concerned. Lightening up and getting to that higher place where everything always works out – aham brahmasmi baby! Like squeezing an orange and expecting orange juice, we can only offer to the world what we are inside. Meditate and tap in. It’s only natural.014

rare alignment pre dawn 7Nov2015

rare alignment
pre dawn 7Nov2015