global orgy

COVID19 is like a GIANT STD and the human population is in the pandemic throws of a global orgy, especially here in the good old USA. We may as well make the best of it and meditate. Meditation is the name of the Wellness game. Just a few short minutes of meditation every day changes everything.

There is no bigger virus than that of fear. When we quiet down for those few short minutes and we focus on our breathing, our well-being activates. Our brains literally change and our immune systems strengthen and anxiety diminishes.

The realization of effective global silence has manifested in unique and wonderful ways. For example, the Himalayas were seen from parts of India for the first time in 30 years after pollution dropped due to the lockdown. And seismologists observed that the Earth is literally vibrating less than when we were in our normal mindless fever pitch lives.

Imagine. If we can collectively quiet and calm the Earth then we can, as individuals quiet calm our Self. We will come out of this. In the end Nature will win. Keep with nature and meditate. It’s only natural.