proof positive

You may wonder what type of closet theClosetAcademic is closeted in. It has nothing to do with sexuality but everything to do with sensuality – the condition of being pleasing, of fulfilling to the senses. Or, as Merriam-Webster defines it ‘implies gratification of the senses for the sake of aesthetic pleasure.’

The closet was that of timing and social acceptance to the experiences and validity of that which is beyond the five senses. Near death experiencers, psychic mediums, musicians and artists have all been carried into beyond description realms only to return changed and enhanced.

As a child, I often had out of body experiences. Growing up in those early times with this very natural and then unacknowledged sense was precarious indeed. Those of us who gave hints or voice to such things made us vulnerable to modeling the nearest straight jacket. Times have changed, thank GAHD! And though there is still hesitation, the journey cannot be denied.

Science is beginning to document the vibrations. We’re hearing more about quantum physics, string theory, meditation and a plethora of other, until now, unconventional topics. Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, was forced out of his academic career as a cellular biologist because he discovered that beliefs control human biology rather than DNA and inheritance. I recently listened to a very nerdy interview with Dr. John Demartini. If one needs the concreteness of science to accept the law of attraction, this is the guy for you. There are many learned individuals and organizations which support these ideas.

For me, I never needed science to justify what I know to be true. I know that physically, I don’t feel well if I habitually tune in to a CNN (constantly negative news) or any influence that feels off.  I’m quite content just bopping along and opening to happiness. Positive and negative vibration is a requirement for our human existence on this Earth plane. Much like trying to see a polar bear in a white-out blizzard, we need contrast in order to know how to focus.

Meditation is the number one tool to assist in our mindfulness, of our self-awareness, of our focusing ability. Meditation literally changes the physiology of the brain enabling a more self-controlled and positive direction. We begin to see the negative for what it is – a contrast, while positive continues to expand into more positive. Science is starting to catch up.

There is proof positive that in mindfulness we get to decide how low we will go and how long we will stay on that spectrum before we shift on the fulcrum into higher, better feeling existence. Collectively, it’s really up to every individual. Meditation is the means. It’s proof positive AND It’s only natural. 

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