holiday relief

Happy Holidays All!

Wow, what a ride it has been! And, what a relief to know that no matter what, we are always moving forward. We are perpetually pre-paving our now moments in this very moment. It kind of works like this… When we are in angst we are creating angst in the now. When we are in peace we are creating a much better feeling. Meditation helps us get a grip on the feeling of our now moment which perpetuates the next now feeling and the next and the next. Meditation help us to notice and interrupt the pattern, jumping the thought rut, which then offers us the feeling of calm and relief.

It’s only natural to feel down on occasion but when we meditate we notice it. When we notice we are no longer the slave to it. When we meditate our brain changes. We are able to redirect more and more easily the thoughts we are perpetuating. What a relief!

Do it! Do it! Do it! Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! Take 5 minutes to start, preferably first thing in the morning. Relax, close your eyes and breathe. Maybe listen to a ticking clock or the hum of a heat source. I like to zero in on the tone in my ears combined with the in and out of my natural breath. At first you may only be able to sustain the focus for a few seconds before the world creeps into your mind. When that happens, and it will – probably a lot at first – just bring your focus back to your drishti – your point of focus. Do it daily – not many times a day – just day after day after day. It gets easier and easier and our life changes for the better. You’ll see. It’s only natural.

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