weightless power

Power – We all have it. Our power is our energy and energy flows where attention goes – every time. How do we know where and how we are using our power? We know by how we are feeling. Feeling good IS weightless.   Ah, the freedom to recognize and feel. Paying attention to the delightful is more delightful. It is all what we make of it. Appreciation Appreciation Appreciation – more than thankful, more than grateful, more than blessed – It is organic. The choice is up to you.
How do I take my power back, you ask? Initially, you must notice where your power is going. Handing over your power feels heavy. How do you feel when watching the news or politics? Is there another you credit for creating angst in your life? Is your 401K or Social Security an issue? Are you constantly fatigued and dreading conclusions made on test results? Are you trained in taking action or ‘doing’ in order to take control? How is that working for you?
In order to power up we must plug in and let ourselves be weightless. Meditation is how we do that. Meditation is different from prayer. In prayer our minds are busy, busy, busy. In prayer we are doing; often asking, being grateful for overcoming an obstacle or silently chanting prescribed words. In meditation we are quieting and being. You may say, my mind is too busy to quiet or I don’t have time enough. That is never true. If you have the where-with-all to sit comfortably and breathe, for just 60 seconds, then you can meditate. Even human ‘doings’ can do that!
Meditation and mindfulness courses are now becoming profit centers. Be picky and know that you need not subscribe to any particular program to reap the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. Give yourself the credit to be able to cultivate and maintain your weightless power. Start slowly and day by day add another minute and another and another. There is no quantum leaping. With a silent meditation practice the mindfulness will automatically kick in. We can vacuum the house all day long but until we plug in to the energy it is all for naught. You will be amazed at the control you gain within your weightless power. It’s only natural.



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