mindful election

NOW more than ever, we are wanting to be mindful. We are wanting to be in our right minds and feeling good about our decisions. When we elect to meditate we integrate our mind and heart. We become mindful. The most direct and integral path to our natural and (if you’re so inclined) God given mindfulness is through the practice of meditation.
The election to silently meditate… simply sitting comfortably and gently breathing… just sitting there doing nothing… just breathingFive skinny little minutes… every day… every day… every day…
Adding a few minutes more… every day… every day… every day… THAT is what cultivates mindfulness.
Meditation is not about how long you sit still and breathein one day. It’s all about taking those skinny little minutes  (gently building to the ideal 15-20/day)   to just sit… and breatheevery day… every day… every day….
The Universe does not care what you say. The Universe responds to what you mean.  What you mean is about how you feel. Your Power is in HOW you feel Right NOW.
It is our natural inclination to feel happy. In electing to meditate, mindfulness comes to us very naturally. It feels like happiness. We feel the excitement of subtle noticing. We notice, both on a visceral and intellectual level. We’re mindful of where we’re at on the (ever variable) feeling scale. We notice HOW we feel. We have more control. We are enabled. And, we make better decisions.
HOW you feel matters more than anything else – in this very NOW NOW NOW. Ask yourself, ‘what do I want?’ and ‘why do I want it?’
“Whether it is a castle or a button, if you are using it as your object of attention, it is summoning Life Force.  It is the feel of the Life Force that life is about. The reason that you are summoning it is inconsequential.”
The law of attraction is like the law of gravity. It is always working. The USA is GREAT, NOW. It always has been GREAT and always will be GREAT. Elect to be mindful this election season. Make the decision to meditate… every day… every day… every day... It’s only natural.


core intellect

The Closet Academic

025I’m taking a 100 hour meditation teacher training which will ‘qualify’ me to share a type of meditation that everyone can utilize. I love it. Oddly, I’ve always been qualified but over the years I had allowed the opinions of others to jade my self- confidence.

We are such people pleasers, we humans, that most of us have trained ourselves right out of our own innate and natural well-being. We’ve allowed the intellect to take over our lives forgetting that we are an energy field at our core walking around in these garages we call a body.

When we meditate we are cultivating that core. It is a distraction for the intellect, which says ‘yes’ to everything we feed it. In meditation we tune in to our inner world where inspiration, simplicity and goodness reside. Meditation leads to mindfulness. Cultivating mindfulness through meditation is a powerful tool for daily living…

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Dyer visit

Going a little askew today – I have to share a dream…


Dr. Wayne Dyer & Patricia A. Lentz Omega Institue for Holistic Studies – October 2000

Wayne came by to take me for a ride on his modified trike. We were going out to buy hair color – FOR HIM!

Keep on meditating folks. Just 15 minutes every day, sit and BREATHE – for the SOUL purpose of FILLING your BODY with AIR. Let the mindfulness take you to places of humor and fun! It’s only natural.








the science

Welcome back! Taking a long and sporadic hiatus during the summer months much is knocking at the mind’s door anxiously awaiting to be expressed. We’ll start this new academic season with science. More and more documentation exists proving out the benefits that a gentle, silent meditation practice can offer. My associate, Andy Kelly, theBostonBuddha.com, is among the first guinea pigs for this type of research. Having all kinds of electrodes attached wired monk to his head while he meditated, science now can definitively declare that meditation is good for us; and not only that, meditation leads to mindfulness and mindfulness is what makes the world go ‘round in very pleasing and positive ways!

theiapolis.com (2)We’ve come a long way since relying on our philosophers and holy types for this valuable information. I find it odd that often, people need published, peer reviewed results before they will take the time to breathe for a few minutes every day. Well, to all you nay-sayers out there – go for it! The science is real. #Meditation & #Mindfulness – It’s only natural.