Oh my Gahd! These politicin’ daze – they are a’happinen’!!!

Thankfully, I meditate. It keeps me off the deep end.

A quick aside, as I RE-gress, before I carry on about the benefits of meditation. I love Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. In this realm I am particularly partial to loving my home, the beautiful United States of America. Earlier, I posted ‘mindfulness ‘ist’ revised‘. It l-ist-ed several types of ‘ist‘s. There are a few ‘ist‘ words our culture is seeing more and more of, though.  Maybe if we knew their true definition we would be seeing these types of ‘ist‘s less and less. I am a relatively educated woman. I CON-fess as I DI-gress and RE-dress, even I needed to use the dictionary. So, here you go:

misoguynist – (a person) who dislikes, despises or is strongly prejudiced against women.

racist – (a person) having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.

xenophobe (ist?) – (a person) with intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

xylophonist – (a person) musician of the xylophone; a percussion instrument consisting of a series of wooden bars graduated in length to produce the musical scale, supported on belts of felt, and sounded by striking with two small wooden mallets.

Meditation is fun. We are: Quieting and OPENING – mind and BREATH – Breathing and Allowing – daily and consistently – Infusion of Energy – In and Out – back and forth – one bean at a time – inhale and exhale . . . . 

Gentle and Easy may you be. Have your coffee – Drink your tea – comfy and quiet – cultivating glee! Mindfulness, baby – and it’s FREE!! It’s only natural.



mindfulness ‘ist’ revised

There is a shift occurring in the mass consciousness, in this very moment, as we breathe… We are acknowledging our Natural states of Being. Athe ist, Chr ist ian, Buddh ist, Tao ist, Agno sti c, Hindu ist, Islam ist, Dude ist, Modern ist, Active ist, Art ist, we need not be any type of ist on the l-ist to recognize and be mindful of our Energetic or Organic Essence. No matter how you slice it, we each have our own twang and basically harmonize in different languages. We are indeed ALL ONE. Science is clear as mud on that.

Mindfulness through Meditation flies directly to the good stuff. Living in Mindfulness allows for the choosing, moment by moment, how free flowing are our lives, right now. Observing and processing from above the fray… playing in the Gap – in Pure Potentiality – the Field of Limitless Possibility – the Vortex – the Quantum Field – Heaven on Earth – the Playground – Consciousness – Christ Consciousness -subconsciousness – unconsciousness – SourceEnergy – Zen – the Zone – the ZenZone – BREATHING – warmth/LOVE  – BREATHING IN-BREATHING OUT – Breathe IN hold Breathe OUT hold – feeling gentle air – through the nose – air in-hold – air out -hold – Appreciating the BREATH… the Breath…. the breath….. the breath. . . . . .

Meditate and m-ist mindfulness into your ‘ist’. It’s only natural.