t-RUMP syndrome

What American in their correct mindfulness mind would want to read about meditation when our culture is seemingly gripped by this relatively new dis-ease known as the ‘t-RUMP syndrome’? It’s good to remember the role that meditation plays within the law of attraction. The law of attraction is like the law of gravity in that it is always in play. We rarely wake in the morning and tell ourselves ‘I think I’ll practice the law of gravity today.’ We innately know we live on a planet where the law of gravity just is. Scientists and others may use this law to expand our technologies and enhance our collective intellect. Similarly, the law of attraction is constantly drawing to us what we are thinking and feeling, both individually and as a global entity. The fact that it is, at this moment, wholly unrecognized is a major factor in understanding the disorder.

You just cannot fool Mother Nature and the law of attraction. Affirmations, motivational statements and wishes are one thing but chanting them with an underlying feeling of fear and disbelief negates the whole idea. It’s our feeling, our elemental intention that makes the difference. There is no doubt that we get what we think about, or more aptly stated, we get what we feel about. Now, what controls our feelings? We do, each and every thinking individual contributing to the whole. I liken it to a jigsaw puzzle. Every single piece that is moved changes the whole picture.

It is said that we humans have about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. Imagine the power of these thoughts as they emit their vibration. They are like magnets, pulling together, attracting like vibrations, coalescing, picking up momentum and expanding exponentially into the manifest. Living in the physical, we and all we know, are the projection, the product of the vibration of which we most dominantly energize. Thing is, in general, we are so numbed out and drug addicted that we lack the awareness of how we are thinking and feeling. This is where meditation comes in handy.

When we meditate we cultivate mindfulness. When we are mindful we start thinking for ourselves. We begin to notice how we feel. Watching the news and gratuitous violence as entertainment no longer serves us in a good feeling way. We understand that there is never a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

Meditation opens the channel for well-being to thrive. In mindfulness, we start utilizing our basic human right of the pursuit of happiness. You and only you can control how you feel. And, when you do that you are changing the whole picture.

We are currently under the illusion that a menacing syndrome is appearing as a global threat. Remember, the law of attraction says ‘yes’ to everything. With each poll and newscast and article, either for or against, brings expansion to the subject. Our very attention to it is where this syndrome gains its strength. If you don’t like or are unhappy with it simply GET OFF THE SUBJECT. Feel the relief as you consciously change your focus of thought to a BETTER FEELING object of attention and let the law of attraction take care of the rest.

We cannot assert. We can only attract. We are constantly moving forward and our point of attraction is RIGHT NOW, in THIS MOMENT. Meditation clears the channel and cultivates our awareness. It enables our joyful response-ability. We have the ability to heal all kinds of syndromes with the awareness of how we are feeling. The noticing may be subtle at first. Rest assured your feeling awareness will continue to gain momentum and grow.

This morning, my tea tag quoted Isaac Newton saying, “We build too many walls, and not enough bridges.” NOW is the time to get a grip. Take a few minutes every morning to simply sit comfortably and notice your breathing. Set the timer for 5, 10, or 20 minutes and silently meditate. Allow the Energy that beats your heart to infuse your body as you breathe, breathe, breathe, in and out, in and out, in and out. Then afterward, go about your day. You need not change another thing. We do have the ability to change the world in pleasing ways. Meditate and watch it happen. It’s only natural.

moth beauty

Today’s date is June 1, 2016. Can you believe it? Spring has sprung with summer to come here in New England. We have to adapt quickly in order to squeeze out every drop of warmth and beauty that Mother Nature is offering up. Shedding the layers down to skin, oh how wonderful and new is the breeze when just last week we woke to freeze. Meditating and appreciating out here, the woodsy stadium hosts a variety of song and sound. The quieter I get the louder it gets. Easy it is to focus on one particular melody while transcending it and allowing the vast harmonies to permeate the soul.

Meditation enables awareness of our thoughts and feelings. Our feelings indicate to us the types/quality of thoughts we are predominantly thinking. In mindfulness we gracefully emerge from our cocoon and spread our wings.moth No longer do we think by default like the moth to the flame. The fact that what we think about expands and that it is natural for us to feel good, we can take the high road.

Meditation promotes mindfulness ultimately enhancing our world. Using our minds, we always have the option to tip the scales.  We can choose to continually fret over the chem-trails in the sky or we can direct the majority of our energy in a more beautiful direction. Our quality of life is all about where we put our attention/energy and refine our focus. The choice is always our own, in every now, now, now moment. Choose to meditate and feel the beauty of mindfulness at work. It’s only natural.moth 2.jpg