moth beauty

Today’s date is June 1, 2016. Can you believe it? Spring has sprung with summer to come here in New England. We have to adapt quickly in order to squeeze out every drop of warmth and beauty that Mother Nature is offering up. Shedding the layers down to skin, oh how wonderful and new is the breeze when just last week we woke to freeze. Meditating and appreciating out here, the woodsy stadium hosts a variety of song and sound. The quieter I get the louder it gets. Easy it is to focus on one particular melody while transcending it and allowing the vast harmonies to permeate the soul.

Meditation enables awareness of our thoughts and feelings. Our feelings indicate to us the types/quality of thoughts we are predominantly thinking. In mindfulness we gracefully emerge from our cocoon and spread our wings.moth No longer do we think by default like the moth to the flame. The fact that what we think about expands and that it is natural for us to feel good, we can take the high road.

Meditation promotes mindfulness ultimately enhancing our world. Using our minds, we always have the option to tip the scales.  We can choose to continually fret over the chem-trails in the sky or we can direct the majority of our energy in a more beautiful direction. Our quality of life is all about where we put our attention/energy and refine our focus. The choice is always our own, in every now, now, now moment. Choose to meditate and feel the beauty of mindfulness at work. It’s only natural.moth 2.jpg

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