Happy Birthday!

Dear Friends,
Appreciation abounds as theClosetAcademic celebrates its first birthday. Another year of expansion in my own life, I am happy to report that it is all good – no, it is GREAT! Changes they are a’happenin’ so hang on to your hats. This is a very exciting time in our world and a very exciting time to be alive!
TCA is on the move this summer, literally. Though I had hoped to introduce a total revamp of theClosetAcademic today –  well, you know how it goes sometimes. Often, when things go our way we can find ourselves saying ‘Thank You. I’ll take over from here.’ and you know what happens then.
If there is one thing I have learned over this past year it is that MEDITATION IS the name of the game! Keeping an active MEDITATION practice has enabled many many positive shifts and has  helped me to extract myself from so much muck I cannot begin to tell you… well, to tell you now anyway. Breathing In Breathing Out Breathing In Breathing Out Breathing In Breathing Out – Aummm… Thank you ALL and please stay tuned. And remember to MEDITATE MEDITATE MEDITATE for a few minutes every day. It’s only natural.
With Profound LOVE,
I Am, the Closet Academic

Charleston twistedsphere

or ‘Thank you, Jon Stewart’
“It’s my duty to say what’s right.” Malala

The gig is up. No more jokes. Another mutation, only 24 years old. We are currently experiencing the collective consequence of the age of acquisition. The effects of a propagation of big pharma and big insurance are just a scratch on the surface of human corruption. We are collateral damage for promotional moneyed interests and imposing belief systems gone rogue. They have commanded long-term influence and dumbed-down the masses. With duty to the shareholders, overall sickness has been justifiably promoted and our sense of self manipulated. The cancer rate is now 1 in 2 over 1 in 3 just ten years ago. Problem is we are so drug addicted and paralyzed by fear that it seems we have relinquished control of our lives to those very systems we were once free to change. As a young person during the 60s and 70s, atrocities gripped us then as they do today. With JFK and Bobby, MLK and Vietnam, it is all horrible. The youth of the era started demonstrating and forced the establishment’s hand. As young people we vibed-out and had sit ins. You could find us singing and sharing flowers and loving one another while draft dodging and getting high in the attempt to escape the twisted influence of big brother. We the people harked in a Call to Peaceful Action. It seemed the powers that be had finally started to understand the concept of embracing one another. Peace Accords and (earlier) the United Nations came into being and held clout. Community and regional churches began to reach out. One small step for mankind, they let down their hair a bit. I was a young teen when, by invitation, our Protestant youth group attended a Catholic Mass. It was in Latin. The churches were never the same after that and communities became much richer within this whole idea of being One. We even elected a President who put solar panels on the White House. The bulk of that youth are now our decrepit baby boomers who unknowingly acquiesced their personal power, health and self-control to those very influences that they had protested back then. Our biology is poisoned and environmental programming manipulated, now chemically hazed even before exiting the womb, we have been silenced. We have been sold. And, we continue to be sold, over and over and over again. What are the remedies today?  Through Mindfulness our Millennials and the new Gen Z are being equipped to implement viable answers. We have recently crossed a threshold of Big Data and Epigenetics. We the people are really on to something with all the interest in Yoga and Meditation. Government follows the people’s lead. It’s not the other way around. We evolved then and with Meditation we will continue to evolve, and this time we’ll do so mindfully. It is time we enhance our collective perspectives. Meditation makes that possible. It’s only natural.

the hand

Long before I realized that meditation was a ‘thing’ I had always taken for granted that we are truly spiritual beings having a human experience. Spiritual presence can show up when we least expect it – and usually does. There have been a lot of events in my life that have resolved and evolved in what some might call miraculous ways. Living in New England, I liken the roadways here to a type of chaotic quagmire. The phrase ‘down the road a piece’ is common navigational boondocks terminology where the lanes, avenues, streets and hills curve and round, up and down in degrees, slants and lengths. Being born to this turf of twists and tangles it is a second nature that GPS often just does not grasp. And then I moved to our Country’s heartland.

I was a stay-at-home mom while my offspring were young. Their father often traveled and his time with us was sacred. In his absence I would often pack up the children and drive around to explore the area. When living more than a thousand miles from native roots one often appreciates the vast diversity that surrounds us in this incredibly beautiful country. The roadways there are in a NSEW grid. Most of the land is relatively flat with very few trees. Of course, being the tree hugger that I am we found and lived in a nice little neighborhood located outside of any town lines. It was in a county, on a dirt road with most of the trees happily growing on our property. The immediate drive to us was wooded and my husband would often spy owls with six to eight foot wingspans.

One day, surrounded by wheat fields with the air warm and pleasant we kept the windows down in our new Isuzu Trooper 4 cylinder turbo diesel, which was a nice change from the constant running of the air conditioning during the normal harsh heat. Peace was the flavor of the day. Still on the dirt road I stopped at the stop sign which seemed almost comical to do as there was very little vehicular activity beyond the tractors. Crossing the intersection I felt something off to my right where the road held a slight rise. In that instant a white Mercedes Benz appeared. My first instinct was to speed up and get out of its way. I knew we were sunk. Surrounded by a dust cloud, its trajectory was a bullseye for a broadsided impact on our SUV. It was in that instant that a giant hand, bigger than the Trooper, placed itself between us and the Mercedes. It quickly and magically moved us out of the way and across the intersection. To this day I can still see that hand. Were drawing my forte, I could sketch the detail.

Meditation is the name of the game. The more practiced I become the deeper my appreciation for this Knowledge becomes. It’s all about the breath, the breath, the breath…. It’s only natural.

stinkin’ thinkin’

Like eating, meditation is a priority in my life. It offers that mindfulness we so often hear about. It is the ongoing refining of clarity and vision. I love how the Universe really does bring to us what we are vibrating. Recent days have challenged me to feel my way out of a self-imposed slump. Last night my Internet went caput. It is still that way this morning. I’ve come to learn that it is my wireless router that is creating the issue. I’m going to have to hardwire in to be able to post here today. Oh, woe is me!

What is that vibration that I’m generating which has brought me to my Internet dilemma? I’m not really sure but I know what has commanded my recent train of thought and of course, it’s meditation. What, you might ask, does meditation have to do with being frustrated with my wireless router?

Due to the timing of an unexpected bright opportunity, I decided to withdraw my application to TheBostonBuddha’s-MeditationForEveryone teacher certification program scheduled for this summer. It’s been months that I had been looking forward to participating. It is so odd to notice a down in the mouth attitude when in reality everything really is working out for me.

Like gravity, the law of attraction is always in action. I suppose when we focus ‘out there’ sometimes that wireless can get a little tweaky. When we meditate we naturally and mindfully focus more in the ‘now’ where the hardwired connection is strong and steady. Meditation allows us to transcend stinkin’ thinkin’. Keep on breathing and meditating and you too will squeal with delight at the unfolding of your life. Opportunities abound beyond our wildest dreams. It’s only natural.