stinkin’ thinkin’

Like eating, meditation is a priority in my life. It offers that mindfulness we so often hear about. It is the ongoing refining of clarity and vision. I love how the Universe really does bring to us what we are vibrating. Recent days have challenged me to feel my way out of a self-imposed slump. Last night my Internet went caput. It is still that way this morning. I’ve come to learn that it is my wireless router that is creating the issue. I’m going to have to hardwire in to be able to post here today. Oh, woe is me!

What is that vibration that I’m generating which has brought me to my Internet dilemma? I’m not really sure but I know what has commanded my recent train of thought and of course, it’s meditation. What, you might ask, does meditation have to do with being frustrated with my wireless router?

Due to the timing of an unexpected bright opportunity, I decided to withdraw my application to TheBostonBuddha’s-MeditationForEveryone teacher certification program scheduled for this summer. It’s been months that I had been looking forward to participating. It is so odd to notice a down in the mouth attitude when in reality everything really is working out for me.

Like gravity, the law of attraction is always in action. I suppose when we focus ‘out there’ sometimes that wireless can get a little tweaky. When we meditate we naturally and mindfully focus more in the ‘now’ where the hardwired connection is strong and steady. Meditation allows us to transcend stinkin’ thinkin’. Keep on breathing and meditating and you too will squeal with delight at the unfolding of your life. Opportunities abound beyond our wildest dreams. It’s only natural.

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