bottom line

I’m really enjoying the 2015 HayHouseWorldSummit. It is a plethora of validation. It brings my mind to places of wisdom that I’ve not visited for years. It’s good to remember that with the evolution of science picking up momentum by leaps and bounds, that it may never catch up to intrinsic Universal Knowing. As we grow into the understanding of the law of attraction we are awakening to the absolute Power that we possess as a species of the mind.

If you read this blog you know that Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my earliest teachers. Thirty years ago, before the Internet and before the animal news channels, he discussed the condition of our world. He pointed out that less than three percent of Earth’s human population was participating in war and turmoil. Basically, the point being that, why direct our precious thought and so much negative energy in that direction when ninety seven percent of the world is at peace?

Years later as global communication became rampant and the quest for an increased ‘bottom line’ infected the world like grotesque cancerous cells, our collective focus began to exploit that three percent. As we know, what we focus upon expands and look at us now! The areas of climate change and global warming get a tremendous amount of fear based energy along with a multitude of other undesirable topics. When we consider these conditions it behooves us to consider the Source. We, as humans, are just fleas on the dog. Mother Earth will never allow herself to be destroyed by ignorant parasites.

Fortunately, we humans are awakening to our true Essence and ultimately are beginning to understand our Power. We, as a people, are indeed Energy and Energy says ‘yes’ to every thought we generate. Wouldn’t it be nice if… the media was proportional – we gave a little more air time and allowed for what is going right – we emphasized the positive – our populations began to nourish our humanity through breathing and meditating a few minutes each day thus enhancing our mass consciousness?

A more recent teacher Abraham-Hicks describes our non-plight this way – “The basis of life is Freedom. The purpose of life is Joy. The result of life is Growth”. It is natural for us to feel good. When we meditate and breathe we begin to gain the faculties to direct our energies toward our natural states. On a scientific level we know that when we meditate and breathe our very brains change. As our understanding of this Neuroplasticity evolves we are liberated. Breathing Meditation is vital to our loving existence on this planet – which is the real ‘bottom line’. It’s only natural.

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