Girls Unraveling

Cleaning my yoga mat this morning before I begin my practice I notice the girls wanting to free themselves and escape through the top of my garment. Interesting, is this what is meant by the old term ‘women’s lib’? I was listening to George Carlin on YouTube this morning. He was one of my favorites. A guy who really told it like it is and made people squirm in the process. I recently learned that some of his ashes are in the lake that is just a stone’s throw from my house. —With the girls unraveling I’m beginning to realize that there is wisdom behind them. What do I want younger women to know? Understand your tremendous Power! I’m just starting to grasp my own ability to Influence. I had once wrapped those girls tight at a time when they stood on their own. Bound into social submission, I was terrified to shine. Women who think with their heart are incredibly smart. That fourth Chakra center is opening with the girls unraveling. Our world is destined for Greatness. Meditate and let it in. It’s only natural.

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