a rant

I recently watched most of a political presidential debate. Why do I do that to myself? Try as I might to stay out of the swirl of the mindless ugly the collective weight can feel overpowering if I stay there too long. I find myself in jest, almost enjoying poking at the hive mind. What really gives me pause is the sheer mass of narrow and often bogus programming that pummels our culture today. I’ve always been aware that energy flows where attention goes. Maybe that’s why I rarely watch TV or listen to commercials. It can be quite unsettling observing a variety of manipulative strategies of being sold and marketed to. Maybe people feel they would be irresponsible if they didn’t saturate themselves with the negative news that breeds dis-ease and dis-comfort all day, every day. The constant bombardment of common media can be crushing and disturbingly influential. It seems most people conform and take for granted believing without question that that’s how life must be. We all live our own truth. I like choosing for myself. Meditation allows me to do so. It’s only natural.

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