safe happiness

‘Do what you love and everything else takes care of itself.’ As a metaphysician and meditator I have heard this over and over again. A mature American woman living in the early 21st century, I’ve learned that this philosophy is absolutely correct and see it in action daily. Conversely, our dominant society would have us question the notion of living in love and happiness for the majority of our stay on the planet.

We seem to be tethered here in our physical world, interacting energetically, through our individual belief systems. Those who love the Lord love loving the Lord.  Those who love the path of the Buddha love loving the path of the Buddha. Those who love their pets love loving their pets. Whatever Channel that feeds and provides the deeply felt Connection and Knowing, we as individuals, egos on Earth, appear to be pure Light or the ‘hue’ in human. We are the owner and operator of our life in this time on this beautiful spinning sphere. We walk around in this vehicle we call a body. The body’s maneuvering mechanism steers and directs the ever positive, ever agreeing Light through its steering wheel known as our Focus and Attention.

Everyone, whether atheist or martian, boy or girl, knows of this deeply intimate space, even if acknowledged for just a nano-second.  When one is in conscious recognition of it, a sense of unencumbered freedom and happiness prevails. Freedom from the training, socialization and often perverse and conflicting but well-meaning rituals, procedures and beliefs that have been pounded into us since the day we were born. Like endorphins, freedom and happiness provides an often lasting sense of upliftment and a taste of the savory divine, that we all are at our core.

Pay Attention to what you are Focused upon – in any given moment. Does it really feel good to watch the news every single day? Is it advantageous to fret and feel poorly over something that you have absolutely no control over? Can you give what you don’t have? Of course not! We are always free to choose. We just forgot. It takes Focus to slow this train down and turn it around. Pay Attention to your own happiness first. Ask yourself, ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’ Keep leaning your Attention toward the better feeling. Nourish and cultivate often your most exhilarating dreams and feel the joy of them. It is safe to let yourself feel happiness. It’s only natural.

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