the countdown

The countdown is on. For me and for my country. I’ve recently moved to New Hampshire, USA and 2016 is an election year, a Presidential election year. New Hampshire is the first-in-the-nation primary state. Just four weeks away, residents are continually bombarded with intensive rhetoric and politics. I’m thankful to not have a landline. With our neighboring state Vermont producing a viable candidate for the office I long for my former blue home of Massachusetts right about now. But, that is neither here nor there.

On January 11th I will be entering a contest, submitting a book proposal to Hay House where the first prize is a publishing contract. The countdown just six days away, I have yet to have it pulled together in the polished manner that it deserves. I committed to myself that I must allow the information to flow through me. Meditating for a few minutes every day is a major flow factor in this process. I am at ease and in a receiving mode that enables the words to magically appear on the page. I delight in the knowledge that I am merely the vessel through which the message comes alive. I love that feeling.

Pondering another countdown, the Powerball jackpot tonight is $500 million. Five hundred million dollars boils down to over $100 million in hand. I’ve attracted brilliant and trustworthy souls to help me manage  and do it up right. I’m a mindful blue jeans millionaire who meditates. We are here for a limited time. Meditate and let mindfulness manage the countdown. It’s only natural.

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