Women’s Leadership

Caught you! I’ll bet you thought this was going to be another one of those dissertations on how suppressed women have been throughout the ages. Being a woman myself and drawing upon my own education and experience, I can only speak from my narrow view here in the USA. I confess, I don’t watch the news. There is nothing new. Everyone is always yelling about something. The good news derives from a person or situation that has clawed itself back up from the depths of the hell it was origianlly knocked into. In general, we’ve been living with totally normal corporate giant bullying. Let’s start with the big three, the cut-throats Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Carnegie. Let’s also remember the Hearst and Murdoch empires. We’ve only grown from there and never looked back. Imagine if those powerhouses had been women.

The whole idea of women’s leadership is itself becoming big business. Handing over the reins of leadership to women is a tedious job. Trouble with this idea is women are being trained through a men’s model. The turmoil and Big Data mentality has evolved primarily through men and the left brainers. We do have emerging female leadership now, scant as it is. We are forced through the cracks of the old model. If you’re looking for real change you’ve got to be okay with breaking the mold. We cannot fix any problem with the same mind that created it. We women lead with a totally different set of rules. We come from the heart. Somewhere along the line coming from the heart has been dismissed as silly and totally unrealistic in running a business not to mention running a country. I beg to differ. A strong model of Stakeholder Capitalism, for instance, is a nice example of heart based business.

When I do light upon the subdermal news channel and see obedient females in their hysterical rage posing as voices of our time, I can understand why we tend to back away from leadership roles. We’re often duped into thinking that if we are to be leaders we have to go there. It’s not that we can’t learn science and math. That whole idea is ridiculous. We are inclined differently. We take a different approach. Had the top 3 honchos been women there may never have been the Great Depression or food lines. Certainly our news outlets would be directed toward a positive incline over the current negative decline.

Who is running this joint anyway? It’s a beautiful thing watching women take over the world – again. We do live longer after-all. We don’t get the vapors anymore because we’ve loosened our corsets. We’ve remembered how to b r e a t h e. In our b r e a t h i n g and meditation we naturally tap into our Power. As we tap into our Power our Intelligence and Mindfulness emerges and takes over.

Millennial right brainers and All humans of compassion, don’t let them break your Spirit.  Meditate every day. Learn the rules and guidelines to understand how things currently work. Get a good look at the foundation and remodel. Listen to your gut. Be proactive and grow us out of here! Look toward how you would like to see our world to be. We will only ever evolve. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

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