natural state

natural stateShortly before her passing, my mother jotted down a few quotes. Two of them read: “Dull women have immaculate houses.” and “Creative clutter is better than idle tidiness.” I’m nearing the end of the sifting process. Sorting hand written notes, memory sticks, pictures, articles and memorabilia. It is a lot to wade through. It’s thick with words. In keeping with TCA’s mission of telling the story the way I like it to feel, removing the pile of whaa whaa whaa and blaa blaa blaa lightens the load significantly . Many a LOL has occurred this wintery afternoon in New England, as I reminisce and scan and thin out the stockpile. Our dreams are a given. Our work is to have fun along the way. Well-being is our natural stateEnjoy your natural state.  And remember, take a few minutes every day and sit quietly and breathe and meditate. It’s only natural.

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