mindfulness ‘ist’

My meditation practice is proving profoundly defining. It keeps me down to Earth and gives me grounding. The heart opening Ripple of TCA’s most recent (levitation) chat on HayHouseRadio with Dr. Wayne Dyer lovingly, gracefully, majestically and eternally reverberates throughout my world. Voicing information and peaceful resolution is liberating, especially when expressing it from a place of mindfulness and with a trusted teacher. In this realm and in this post, TheClosetAcademic and PatriciaAnnLentz are one and the same.

There is a shift occurring in the mass consciousness, in this very moment, as we breathe… We are acknowledging our Natural states of Being. Athe ist, Chr ist ian, Buddh ist, Agno sti c, Hindu ist, Islam ist, Dude ist, Modern ist, Active ist, Art ist, we need not be any type of ist on the l-ist to recognize and be mindful of our Energetic or organic essence. I was fortunate to have been very young when I knew that I Know. And, I knew then that everyone either Knew or had the capacity to get in the Know and Know that they knew, even back then. No matter how you slice it, we each have our own twang and basically harmonize in different languages. We are indeed ALL one – and the same. Science is clear as mud on that.

I love the fact that the veil (i.e. life in the rat race) was quite thin when I really KNEW that I KNOW. In healing, there wasn’t a whole lot to trudge through in order to find the times in my life when I felt happiest. I have a brief memory of being held, as a toddler, backstage with loud applause from the audience on the other side of the curtains. It is still exhilarating as I ponder and feel it now. Just like Life is intended to be, now.

Essentially, I tend to observe and process from above the fray… playing in the Gap, in Pure Potentiality, the Field of Limitless Possibility, the Vortex, the Quantum Field, Consciousness, sub-consciousness, un-consciousness, the Zone, Heaven on Earth, the Playground… Living in Mindfulness allows for the choosing, moment by moment, how free flowing are our lives, right now. Mindfulness through meditation flies directly to the good stuff. Meditate and m-ist mindfulness into your ‘ist’. It’s only natural.

TCA/PAL goes Eclectic

TCA/PAL goes Eclectic


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