taking flight

Three weeks ago, I experienced a high that is taking me to even higher highs. I reconnected with my long time teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer on his HayHouseRadio show I Can See Clearly Now. The topic was ‘Where there is hate let me Sow Love’. Being the first caller, I was somewhat prepared with my question albeit not directly related to the subject matter, or so I thought. I have been keeping a secret almost my entire life. Only a handful of those people who are dearest to me ever knew. Short of making TCA a personal diary it is becoming clear to me that I’m not alone. It is an enormous pleasure to watch how a simple question about levitation can clarify and evolve into the unfolding of a life’s dream.
This weekend my oldest child will be married marking the last of my three children to do so. Being in his 30s and having been with his mate for many years, I still feel deeply moved by this ascension. They will be living across the country on the west coast where he will become a doctor of chiropractic. He is over the moon happy. His joy is contagious. My children continue to be among my greatest teachers. Their happiness sets me free. As I continue to evolve and improve in my own right, I know they will always be watching. I am so proud to be called their mother. Thanks guys, for showing me how it’s done.
my Greatest Teachers

my Greatest Teachers

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