mind garden

‘The mind can be compared to good fertile farmland. The land has no preference as to what is planted in it. Whatever is planted grows in abundance. The mind is far more fertile and works exactly the same way. It will return anything we plant, success, failure, confusion or a worthwhile goal.’
I’ve been enjoying the benefits of my meditation practice. The former habits of my thought process are transformed. I’m peaceful, am lighter and happier, more with each day. Conditions are changed because of the way my instrument resonates in mindfulness. All the theories and science and dogma that regurgitates throughout our upset world seem not to faze me as it once had. It is no longer a part of my personal dynamic because I choose it so. I’m not apathetic or indifferent. I just know better.
We are infants in our humanness, just now discovering our belly buttons. We’re beginning to gain balance and taking our first steps. It’s not time that determines our progress but the phase in which we are in. We are getting wiser and wiser as each new generation appears. Through meditation we can understand that the ease of mindfulness is where it’s at. Where we once had been trained into rolling back our eyes in fruitless effort, struggle and conformity, meditation allows us to remember that we have control.
In our humanness, we are meant to be free. We are meant to feel good. That’s not to say we don’t get bounced around while we’re here. That is the whole reason we decided to be human. We are phasing into the age of remembering that meditating is like breathing. Meditation makes the trip easier and more joyful. Once we understand that fear and crisis need not apply, we are free.  Cultivate your interests. Decide for yourself what you wish to plant in your mind garden. It’s only natural.

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