mindful leap

It’s here. Twenty sixteen is officially a leap year. We’re taking the leap. Those born on the sixtieth day of a leap year have the opportunity to celebrate their fourth birthday at sixteen years of age. This year is my fifteenth leap year.  Leap years calibrate our calendars saving us from the drift. In the USA, leap years leap us into another presidential election. We leap and drift and leap and drift.

Where do we find the time? One quarter of a leftover day each year breaks down to nearly one single minute every day. Keep that in mind next time you are at a loss to find the time to leap into a quality of life activity, like meditation, for example. Taking the leap, just a few single minutes each day, into a silent meditation provides a positive upsurge and stretches us. We become more supercharged and may feel like leaping tall buildings in a single bound (metaphorically speaking).

Leap years and meditation have a lot in common. Leap years adjust our time/space calculators to align more accurately with the united global understanding. Meditation adjusts our personal time/space calculators to align more accurately with ourselves enhancing the united global understanding.  The time goes by whether we are paying attention or not. We can leap over our time and not give it a single minute’s thought or we can leap into our time and be happily mindful of every single minute. Take the mindful leap and meditate. It’s only natural.

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