leafs leaves


033The cellphone camera is busy during this spectacular, almost orgasmic New England autumn. It can’t begin to do it justice by capturing the absolutely stunning radiance that surrounds me. 013 036 With the foliage now at peak, beginning to gently rain to the ground, the earthy fragrance is both musky and sweet. 008 The creatures know what’s coming. Their senses heightened as they fortify their stores. They are in perpetual mindfulness, on Nature’s wave.   As leafs leaves the branch later to return anew, so do we. Being a species of the mind we often forget our innate abilities. Our foliage just as beautiful, we have the choice of returning better than ever before. 001 022 Meditation enables us to tap into the mindfulness that offers this elegant and graceful process. 025 Leaving leafs leaves enchantment and sustainability.  Meditation does too. It’s only natural.

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