cameraless mindfulness

007Since changing theClosetAcademic facebook page from ‘writer’ to ‘public figure’ and putting myself out there I have felt a distinct shift. What exactly am I portraying within the world of social media? It took thought attempting to update my linkedin profile a couple years ago. I asked myself some questions. ‘Okay self, so, what do I do for work?’ The rote answer ‘I work with Melaleuca, the Wellness Company.’ ‘Self? What do I really do?’ ‘Hmmm’ I thought. ‘I find myself writing and trekking and running in the woods, oh, and taking pictures of the beauty that is all around me. Ya, that’s what I do. I’m a freelancer! Yes, that’s it – I’m a writer/photog!’ Now, the big question. ‘What type of camera do I use?’ That’s a tough one. Years ago I started out with a Pentax. Then, life took over and, like can happen with meditation, I fell out of the practice. Then I crashed – or was crashed – it depends on your perspective. There are no accidents. During the rebuild, I was gifted a little powershot type device that zoomed X13. I made a few dollars with it writing articles for the local paper, covering stories like wine tasting and parades and soapbox races. Using that little camera reignited a love I had forgotten about. And then I drowned it. With coffee in hand seating oneself in a low riding high performance vehicle is one thing. I had the process down to an art. No longer having that beautiful car in my repertoire I was now driving a big, heavy and high, secure feeling pick-up truck. The beverage holders are the perfect size to hold a camera, cellphone and an iced coffee. The difference here is the drinks go in before the keister goes in. All was well until I reached for the drink and the cup collapsed with the cover popping off and filling the cup holders. Saving the flip-phone first, that was the end of that camera. I replaced it with another little cheapo that got used up so well that the battery would heat up in my hand. Now, I use my 21st century cellphone camera. I’m grateful to have it but really, I am essentially cameraless. It’s tough to beat the colors and beauty of this glorious New England autumn. I am mindful that I have become acutely aware of my cameralessness. This tells me that I’m on the cusp of another significant shift. Mindfulness keeps me from dwelling on the feeling of lessness and helps me to focus on what’s in front of me right now. Meditation man… it’s all here for the plucking. It’s only natural.


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