Wayne Dyer

Thanks for showing us WE CAN!

It has been less than an hour that I have learned of the passing of my teacher and mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer. To all who love him, his family and the HayHouse community, I share your sadness at this time. I am ever grateful to have had him in this current earthly life. Thank you, Wayne. I know you are not far. I will indeed ‘write it’.

Below are (unedited) words that filtered through my fingers this morning, before I knew of his transitioning just hours before.

Hello my friend(s)
I’m writing to you today to let you know how much I love and appreciate you.
I am awestruck at how precise and pristine life can be living within this physical body.
You spoke to me while it was young. You spoke the Universal language through this instrument. You instilled a strong remembering so as this body grew and matured I would remember who I Am. As I write I am understanding that not only is this a body physical, it houses an earthly translator box called the ego. The ego is indeed part of its physiology. We humans can misinterpret so many words, the word ego being one of them. I choose to think of my ego as the part of me that received all the well-meaning earthly programming. The programming is a static electrical input derived from all egos existing. It is such a relief to know how fickle the ego can be. In remembering who I Am I can soothe my ego and allow Grace to permeate the program.
How wonderful life is with this knowledge. How wonderful it is to feel that Grace with each and every deliberate In and Out Breath. Breathing In and Breathing Out, Breathing In and Breathing Out. The ego is very accommodating to our programming. Be gentle with your mind. Be gentle with your heart. All else is taken care of. Allowing ease enables our bodies to thrive in health. Program the ego with Light. Let yourself feel and cultivate a perspective of everything going well, and right and perfectly. The ego may have you believe otherwise. Feel your truth. Feel your worthiness. Feel the relief. Every discomfort of the past is gone. It has dissipated like a fading sound wave. You may choose a lesson. Make it a good-feeling one. In this earthly world any dis-comfort that disrupts your flow can quickly become dis-ease. Be good and kind to yourself at all times. Allow into your energy space only that which nourishes. We have experienced and heard enough ill-intention to know where the flipside or bounce or lesson will go. And, it really is All Good. Meditate and take control. The children are eager learners. The younger they are the lesser the ego programming they have endured. Learn from them.
Thank you, Wayne. I love you!

Thank you, Wayne.
I love you!

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