back 400

My new digs enthrall me. Its nourishing Energy is unmistakable. I am immersed in breathtaking bucolic life. Allowing myself to feel the luxury of its essence I deeply appreciate those who work in the dirt and assist in keeping our beautiful Mother Nature happy. Growing up in a tiny rural farming neighborhood I would often hear the term ‘it’s time to mow the back 40 (acres)’ in reference to haying a field. My first trek down the lane after taking up residence here I find myself in the middle of the back 400! This is the real deal out here. I am in total awe of those farmers who still lovingly keep the livestock and caretake the land. So beautiful and fragrant (most of the time) it is beyond words to describe. The farmers’ sacrifice is to the benefit of us all who live on our Planet today. I dare say they deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. These are the guys that can put down the GMOnsantos of the world. They live to serve, not to impress. It is up to us to support the farm in any way we can. In meditating we are enabled to offer a type of covert recognition and gratitude that uplifts and values the tenders of the back 400, and the world. We really are magnets and draw to us what we vibrate out. Meditation is the ultimate sustenance. So remember to RPM baby – rise, pee and 5 minutes of silent MEDITATION at the start of each new day changes everything. It’s only natural.

glimpse of Mitchell's farm

glimpse of Mitchell’s farm

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