UP yours

The relief is more than palpable. It is divine. It’s interesting how – when we find our behinds in a sling we always come up on a higher plane than the one we fell from. We sit UP, we get UP, we stand UP, we wind UP, turn UP, we show UP – higher thinking, higher doing, higher living – up, up, up and away and we never return to ground zero. Sometimes we mourn but then we can re-member. There is a reason for the fall. It’s to go UP. During the labor process there is progression and retraction, progression and retraction, progression and retraction. The progression is always more than the retraction. The retraction provides the traction for the progression. Sometimes we for-get and be-come stuck, bound UP and stall within the process. In life, as in labor, that lingering can be a point of contention. It cannot be tolerated for very long before there is a break to release the opposing energy. A fall is like the releasing of tectonic plates as the earth quakes. That’s all it is. With our focus we can mind UP and look UP to wherever your UP is – progression is inevitable. Energy flows where attention goes. Focus, focus, focus UP – It’s only natural.

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