Gap Grazing

I have many great teachers in my life. They speak of the Gap. We’ll see you in the Gap’ ‘Getting in the Gap’ and the process of ‘Closing the Gap’, what in the world are they talking about? I can tell you, it is quite different from the normal reference to bridging a gap, a generation gap, a stop gap or a clothing retailer. It relates to the Mindfulness of being more in the world than of the world.
Practice, practice, practice was an early mantra of mine. My father was a musician. His piano was a part of the family. I would often observe and ‘help’ my mother tune and maintain the instrument. Plucking the strings on the soundboard created a reverberation. (It also got me into hot water.) The Gap is the Space between the notes that make the vibration possible; it is the nano-second between the inhale and exhale; it is the pause between the tick tock; it is the turning point of the tide; it is the lag between the bump bump bump as our ABS engages. Our breathing, our heartbeat, our voice, the birds, the breeze, everything we know has a similar type of contrasting rhythm, even rays of light. It is an interval of Silence.
In Meditation our minds can go all over the place. With practice we begin to relax. We can often observe and bask and graze in this formerly elusive Gap as we calm and breathe and meditate for a few minutes every day. It is a shifting of sorts. It changes our tune. The Mindfulness I enjoy after grazing the Gap can be tough to describe. It is subtle. It translates into feelings and emotions and comprehension and ideas and fun. It sings beauty and grace. After touching and grazing the Gap I notice things with greater appreciation. Little things like being infatuated with the pureness of the water in my glass, or the feeling of elation as I unroll my yoga mat. (That snapping ‘crack’ sound really did it for me the other day.) Sometimes when I soak in the tub I block my ears and submerge them in the water. The sound of my breathing is loud and clear. Holding my breath I can hear my heartbeat. It reminds me how perfect my body is; I don’t even have to tell my heart to beat! Grazing the Gap stirs our attention. When we Meditate, stress and anxiety melt away and we’re left with pleasant satisfaction. Grazing the Gap… It’s only natural.

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