the buffet

Imagine – you are at a free buffet and it has all of your favorite foods cooked and prepared to perfection. The buffet is limitless in its culinary fare. It is conveniently located near your house. On those ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ days, it can be waiting for you when you arrive home. You may come up to the buffet any time you are hungry and even when you are not. You can pick and choose and nibble and enjoy every morsel of yumminess you desire. It is delicious to choose whatever you want whenever you want it. The creation is at your pleasure. Maybe at first you gorge yourself. After a while you realize there is no need to overdue it at one sitting. The buffet is always open. You begin to relax about this part of your living experience. Your balance takes over and you feel good and you are happy. Imagine now that your free buffet also includes dishes that you don’t care for. Some of the foods you may even detest. They make you feel ill just smelling them. They contain no aesthetic appeal to you. You can’t imagine why this stuff is included on your buffet table. Then you realize, there are unlimited choices on the buffet. The buffet includes everything. All of the unappealing luftwaffle is way over there, in the remote areas. You don’t even have to go there. There is so much more of what you like in the forefront of the buffet that the other stuff seems nonexistent. You understand that it is ALL available to you and YOU get to decide what it is you would like to put on your plate.
There are many  buffet types. On the entertainment buffet we perceive a range of sentience from the heavy and dark to the lighthearted and laughable. We get to choose how we want to feel in watching what we choose to watch. Humankind is now discovering an energetic buffet. On this buffet is a limitless array of possibility. The delicious part is we get to choose what we put on our energetic plates. In our ignorance we usually go for those habitual, chronic thoughts. They don’t always taste very good but it’s what we’re used to. We always get to pick and prefer and decide where and what we are going to focus on thus think about. Through our choices at the buffet, we set a trajectory, pre-paving a feeling-direction for our imminent living experience.
To that end, there is no denying we are an informed nation. To the degree and quality to which we are informed is completely up to us. When you’re at the buffet, take the high road and be picky. Ask yourself, ‘is this information enhancing me for the better? I’ll take some of that. Does this type of input lift me up? Some of that too, please. Is there nothing constructive I can contribute? Does it make me feel powerless? I think I’ll pass on that.’ We can only give what we have.
…changing the channel
Did you know that there are ConstantlyNegativeNews -entertainment channels that use animal names too? The perfect example of how a group of people, one by one, can come to invest their time/thought/capital. With hypnotic influence, constituents parrot the jargon. It tends to breed distaste and disrespect in misguided cultures – only for the moment. Our response has been akin to mindlessly standing in front of that beautiful buffet and then tearing up the place, frantically reaching for the dreaded, dry, pan fried liver with canned beets, and then eating it! Its addictiveness is a practiced daily routine. Alas, it’s all part of the buffet. We’ve been ingesting this liver, seems like forever. It’s so great to remember that there is all this other stuff, right here up front, that we like so much better!
To some, the world appears as snowballing muck. To others, it appears as mucking snowballs. It is plain to see feel how our attention is commanded to this end of the buffet, the loud and obnoxious non-stop hype. It makes us sicker and sicker with each thought we devote to it.  Fortunately, we have an Organic Essence. In times of crisis as in times of Peace let us remember the buffet. Think of it as a thought playground where you can, in any ‘now’ moment, lean toward a feeling of improvement. It’s the part of us that calmly walks up to the buffet and decides ‘I’m going to plate only my favorites and enjoy that incredible triple chocolate truffle for dessert – first.’ We are what we eat. It’s only natural.

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