Buzzword Freedom

1. Mindfulness

Living as a cultural social mass our forms of language is ever evolving, faster and faster. Words like Natural, Organic, Wellness – and now Mindfulness and Meditation and Law of Attraction, are being hastily homogenized, gelatinized and regurgitated throughout the corporate swirl. Yesterday, I happened upon a program on NPR regarding those very subjects. Until a few years ago I hadn’t realized that meditation and mindfulness was such a Thing. It has always been a part of my daily life in one form or another.
Mindfulness is often a by-product of Meditation. Mindfulness takes many forms and they’re all good. Science is grabbing hold of the evidence. Here’s a taste of some heavy duty mindfulness. I can recall as a child, a fondness for the feeling of being tuned-in, being in the woods on my own; and, as I do so recall the feeling, I feel the feeling, and I am no longer recalling it, I am mindful I am being it, now, feeling it, now.
‘Don’t look back – you’re not going that way’ are great words of wisdom. The re-call process can be tricky. Unless we have eyes in the backs of our heads, like my mother always professed to have, we are meant to look forward with confidence. Being mindful to notice our energies out ahead of ourselves with an easy-going intent and eagerness, radiating a genuine improved feeling, tends to flow life experiences through us with a little more grace.
Be mindful about feeling. Every day, upon waking, before your feet hit the floor, before your head comes off the pillow, spend a moment finding a feeling of appreciation. I love to bask in the residual warmth of my slumber and the peacefulness of the morning. This one little thought, even before I open my eyes, sets a positive trajectory for my entire day.
 When using buzzwords it is our meaning that matters. Words like ‘dharma’, ‘karma’ ‘suffering’ ‘forgiveness’ and ‘god’ have about as many definitions and nuance as there are people on this earth, which equates to just under 7.2 billion to this point. A billion days ago no one walked the earth on two feet. Our words have authentic meaning yet fall short when describing the Indescribable. Being mindful, our thoughts, intentions and our very Beings will never become a corporate commodity. And that, my friends, is called Freedom.

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