My Second Toe

I had experienced a most bizarre happening. So strong was the force that I had to rid myself of my brand new hiking shoes. They were on my feet as I went sideways from zero to forty five in a few short seconds. The shoes absorbed much contrasting energy and continued to vibrate in subsequent days. Beyond wearable, they suffered molecular whiplash, not unlike their inhabitant. The nail on the right half of my second toe began to grow in layer under layer. That little piggy should have stayed home.

The body’s innate ability to heal is a remarkable process to watch. Keeping the faith, every day I lived by my mantra ‘improvement is steady’. Occasionally, fleeting doubt would arise though fret I would not. I did wonder at times if it would ever grow properly again. I would return to ‘improvement is steady’. I noticed today that the nail is back to normal. Odd as it may sound, my second toe has brought me great joy. I’m so excited! I love my second toe!

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