diving deep

The Closet Academic is diving deep this weekend. Always having been certifiable, I am embarking on the road to meditation teacher certification. Often, in our rushed world today, we find ourselves having been trained out of allowing our natural states. We tend to stifle our natural ease subtly replacing it with hurried anxiety. That’s where meditation comes in handy.

It is interesting to note how natural mindfulness is to us and a part of our many innate abilities. Taking just a few short minutes each morning to breathe in and breathe out – quieting our minds and noticing our breath, our breath, our breath, changes everything. Meditation cultivates our natural mindfulness. We can dive deep in mindfulness and reap its endless benefits. We find life growing better and better and better.

Do yourself, your family and our world a huge favor. Meditate every morning. Do it before life takes over for the day. Make it a part of your personal constitution. When we meditate we dive deep and have more room to maneuver. Mindfulness always bobs to the top. It’s only natural.


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