Blaaagh-ing/Blogging – how did that word come about? New language, new technology, new time, it’s always changing. We are fluid in every sense of the word; energetically, physically, Earth, the Universe, all in flux all the time. The ocean waves demonstrate the natural ebb and flow. Trees and grasses stretch in grace and ease bending to the breezes in pure surrender to the energetic swirls of Earth. Always responding to our every whim, our world spins in perfect pitch.
It is an incredibly new phenomenon, this blogging thing, especially to an Elder of Excellence like myself. Though, I am but a young wisp trailing the big baby boom, I love that I can learn this stuff. I ask myself, ‘what do I see in the blog-o-sphere?’ – I see/hear/think/feel a lot of content content content and blog blog blog. How to make your way to big name blogging success OR the ride up the blah blah blaaagh-ing ladder. Maybe it’s my age but I aspire to a different vibe. I’m attracted to other things. I like to feel my way along. So, let me think feel on that idea for a minute…  I’m happy to inform you, I’m not that.
I love the whole idea of blogging. Blogging is Influence. Teachers are everywhere. Like the caliber of my favorite people/bloggers, I can only aspire to their greatness. I love the messages that are emerging into our Energy fields. With the turning of the season we are giving more face time to the fields of Harvest. That said, it is so EASY to TUNE IN now. Take advantage of it. Tune In. It’s only natural. And, may the Blaaagh-ing continue.

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